Do well-intentioned people move your speakers?

My mom is in town and she's been on a mission straightening up my house. She saw where I had my speakers, and moved them, saying "they look much better over hear". She did not known that those locations were determined after a considerable amount of time to improve the sound.

Has anyone else had the experience where someone else doesn't understand the importance of proper positioning of speakers?

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MY GIRLFRIEND!!! She does not understand that the speaker needs to be in the middle of the room in order to sound the best...

Sorry but that is where it sounds good...
Well can't you move it over here...?
Well I pay the bills
Damn it woman! Why can we do something I want?
Because it is my house

....well usually she wins, but there is going to be another epic battle sometime in the next couple of weeks, because right now I am auditioning some new speakers and have decided that my old speakers sound best in the new position that I have put them in to accommodate the new speakers...when the audition set goes, I am not going to move my speakers...lets see how it goes over then. Say a prayer!

my house keeper is a "symetry fanatic", and she use to move my speakers to place them in perfect symetry and toe them in at 45 degrees. I finally had to politely tell her to never touch my audio gear again. any of it.

she's a great housekeeper who stepped over a line.
I'd consider that type of issue a common problem for many hobbies.

Wanna really tick off a cook? Scrub their well-seasoned cast iron pan with steel wood until shiny. ("Now doesn't that look a whole lot cleaner?!")

Or how about picking up a vinyl record with your fingers on the grooved surface.

Or "helping" a gardening fanatic by pulling out some "ugly weeds."

Or wiping the dust off a car belonging to an auto buff with a dry towel.

The list is probably endless. Be thankful that in your case you can move your speakers back and no permanent damage was inflicted!

If you really want to tick of a cook, use his $300 french knife to open a can. There's a saying in the kitchen "Don't touch my John***, don't touch me knife." I once drug a guy across the kitchen because he used my knife to open a can. I was going to take him outside and pound some sense into him. Another time a threw a prep cook through a door for using my slicing knife and breaking the tip off in a can of tomato paste. BTW - both times the other guy got the boot.
I thought I had every problem, but I can honestly say that is one problem I've never had.
Thank God my speakers are too heavy to move. However, my wife, my cleaning lady and several other people have knocked over or moved my soundtraps which are specifically placed. So annoying
Send her to Carlos house. She'd have her work cut out for her.

She'd probably leave you alone after she saw that disaster.
Snofun3, LMAO! Just show her his room pictures, that should help a lot.

Sufentanil, Fortunately I have a very understanding wife. She listened to music where she wanted the speakers and then where I wanted the speakers. She agreed that they sounded much better out in the room where I wanted them. She hasn't complained since.
Sufentanil, if you love your mother as much as I do mine, you suppress your frustration, and calmly explain the situation to her!

Prpixel, it's amazing people who are that stupid could actually survive to adulthood!
Yes. That's why I consider myself a lucky dog.
When we moved into my home 18 years ago, I eyed a work shop which was very trashed and told the boss (wife) that I would take it over. I could see it all set up in my minds eye.
Well now, I have a great listening room ALL TO MYSELF. No one messes with my stuff.
I'm just lucky it worked out.
Remember, it almost always is "well-intentioned".
No the speakers are on pspikes embedded intothe carpet but like some others I find my non English speaking and probably illiterate in any language housekeepers every two weeks having done something tpo f with you system(s). Turned off outlets or unplugged components. That last one always gives me a moment to pause and panic. Why do they think it is in some sillymanner indicative of " we were here to pull out a plug" but not put it back.
The worst though was the day they threw out a bunch of "bulbs" cluttering my dest. Bulbs named Telefunken,Mullard etc. All with beautiful flashing. Digging out what I could from the coffee grinds and other "want to make you wretch slop" In the pouring rain, was a truly a landmark occasion. I told the leader who is able to speak our native tongue,that that little trick cost me about $1,000. The bulbas haven't moved since.
Count yourself amongst the lucky Ketamine man. At least you didn't end up buying a whole new system. Because your wife didn't like black playwood and no grill cloths. To joggle your memory between breaths of well mixed oxygenated newest-o-thane. Only to become totally addicted to this insanity.
I wish my Mom was around to mess with my speakers. Keep it in perspective.
My wife moved them once - May she rest in peace!
Only kidding, but she did move a 210lb. Eggleston Rosa in our HT system & caught hell for it.
I did explain to her that if she ever thought of moving one of "MY" SF Stradavari's that it is a capital crime & she would be shot!
Liz wont even dust my gear anymore, plus my speakers are over 300lbs each so no worry there, last week she let me place my new record cleaing machine in the spare room where her computer and plants are, that was a big deal for her so god love her and small victory's.
No, but I move other people's speakers when I visit them, when they're not looking.
haha Sfar! I really hope you do that...I know I have thought when visiting some places (including some dealers that don't know what Hifi really is) I have moved things when other people are not around...
That's pretty easy,
my housekeeper is prohibited from entering my basement dedicated audio room, much less going anywhere near my system.
I do all the time. Been breaking a new set for about ten months. I actually have them, deep spiked towers, on plant dollies that have a 16 inch round concrete stepping stone on top. Makes it easy to move the 'monsters'. Keep on tweaking!
I had my bulding super recently come over to inspect the air conditioning and while I turned away, he moved the right speaker. Why he did it is still unknown to me as there was more than enough space to come through.
I wanted to kill him though.

Aside from this, all my friends and relatives know I'm crazy when it comes to my system, so nobody really made any attempts to move any of the components.

However, some people who see my speakers for the first time always want to "pick up the microphone".
B&W didn't account for these people during the design phase of the Nautilus 800 series tweeter enclosure, creating a lure for these Einsteins.

Snofun3, a good one dude!
Although I think in Carlos' house a cleaning lady would probably trip over the Seemless Interface Big Dog, fall and crack her scull on one of the 17 subwoofers before she has an opportunity to move anything.
Do well-intentioned people move your speakers?

Only once! After that they don't do much of anything...

Ok seriously, my speakers are too heavy to casually move. I am more worried or them getting damaged by a housekeeper or guests as I don't leave the grills on.
Never had a problem with someone MOVING speakers but putting drinks on them...yes! Now I have Abbys so the drink thing is very difficult. :-)