Do video processors really work on rear proj. tv's

I have a Pioneer Elite Pro 610 HD rear projection HD tv with a 58 inch 16:9 screen. I desparately want to improve the video quality of the non-HD material on Direct-tv. I'm considering the Faroudja Native Rate Series scaler, but I'm not sure if the improvement will warrant the $3300.00 price. Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.


If you want to improve the quality of non-HD, try a better DVD player with true progressive output. $3300.00 for a $5000.00 set is probably overkill. However, Runco is making scalers that cost less, and I have seen marginal improvement with some of them. Try a scaler from Audio Advisor. If you don't like the results, you can always return it.
I have a Pioneer Pro 520 HD. The owners manual states that any SDTV or HDTV signal will be up-converted to 1080i. From what I understand, 1080i is not the best HDTV format. I contacted Faroudja and asked them if the NRS sent 540P, would my Pioneer try to up-convert it to 1080i. They said that the set would pick it up as 1080i and not convert it. This is a good thing. I would imagine that 540P with Direct TV would be really nice. The Faroudja is quite expensive though.
Have you tried the DVDO unit? They are really good for the money. You will definitly see a better picture. Hope this helps.
I have the Pioneer Elite 710 and was told by the dealer that this set essentially had the DVDO built in. Anyone out there heard this?
What dealer told you is sorta true...let me explain.

Your Elite 710 has a chip that performs the same functions as a DVDO. It does it quite well also...better than any other consumer RPTV that i have seen. I was unable to find the chip that the Elite x10 model of TV's use...but I'm about 98% sure its not the same as in the DVDO line of deinterlacers.

DVDO uses their own silicon image chips in the iscans. They do license the deinterlacing chips themselves for sale -- but this wasn't until Q2 of 2000. Your Pioneer was in R&D before this time.

I haven't had the occasion to compare the deinterlacer in an Pioneer Elite with a DVDO. I am fairly impressed with the newer DVDO, but like I said earlier the deinterlacer in the x10 line is superior to other RPTVs that was in its class. I don't know which one is better. If I had to guess the iscan would get my vote (newer chips, a company's whose R&D is centered around deinterlacing)-- but from what I have seen the pioneer is quite respectable.

Hope that helps...