Do unused channels need exercise?

I guess this is as much a premp question as it is an amp question.

I'm getting a Krell KAV-500 repaired and in the meantime I got a Classe-200 because Krell quoted five weeks turnaround without shipping.

When I get the KAV-500 back, I suspect it won't replace the Classe. But then I will only need three channels. I wouldn't mind keeping the KAV-500 for when I go 7 channel. I really like the sound of it and it can only get better after being re-speced-to-new.

So... do the unused channels need exercise or can they sit unused for years and be like-new when I do plug something in to them?

Similarly, do a preamp's unused inputs go "bad" from not being used over many years?

I have a Rotel multi channel amp that I didnt use 1 channel for a couple years, I use it now and its fine, same with pre amp, added new equipment into inputs unused for years and no problem either, I am no expert but that is my experience.
I don't know about going bad but at least once a month I use all posistions on my pre amp. I switch from Tuner to Cd to Aux to Tape just to run some current through it. I switch from Stereo to Reverse to Mono. I turn the loudness all the way up and then all the way down and back to my listening level too. I also keep Caps on all unused interconnect jacks. Since i leave my pre and amp on 24/7 I turn them off once a month and re power them up to discharge any magnetic residue that has infused itself on any metal that is a pathway to the musical sound coming from my speakers.
I've never had any problems doing this myself but I get the feeling the right thing to do is what Qdrone says. Granted I don't have any time for that!