Do tube CD players and tube pre-amps play nice?

Should I stay away from CDPs and mods to CDPS that use tubes, or would that be OK with a unit such us a Belles 21A pre? I am currently looking for a used CDP $1000-$1500 US. I'll read a great review on a Cary, a Jolida, or a great mod to a Denon 2900 just to find out it uses tubes.

it's a matter of taste. if you don't like the tube sound, there are
plenty of people who mod those players with solid state. your choice.
Physically/electrically there shouldn't be any problem. Sonically it's your call. I know people with all tubes, with tubes in just one component (be it the CDP/T, DAC, Pre, or Amp), and all combinations in between.
I've used my BAT CD Player that has six 7308 tubes in it with the 21A that I used to own, going into a pair of ASL Hurricanes. Worked out wonderfully!
I am using a Granite Audio CDP with a tube output along with a Hovland preamp and find they make a great pair. What is nice about the Granite Audio CDP is that you can bypass the tube output and use it as a ss cdp if you want. It also can be used straight into your amp without a pre should you wish, something I personally wouldn't do.
I started with a tube amp (CJ MV60)... all else was SS... Added a tube preamp (CJ PV14L) and finally a tube CDP shanling t100.. I kept thinking that the next step would make it too tuby... it never happened for me the sound just got warmer, deeper, and bigger. I kept thinking that the bass would get dull and the image would suffer... I never detected any downside.
Isn't warmer, deeper, and bigger synonymous with "tubey".
Ok, OK, you caught me, I am a tube fan. :)
I'm using tubes everywhere, and they make fabulous music together - a tubed Audio Note DAC, a tubed Audience preamp, and 300B amps. There's no such thing as too many tubes or too much music...