Do Tube Amps go better with QUAD 2805's Speakers??

I'm very happy with a pair of QUAD 2805's which I bought new about 1yr ago. I've been using a VTL 5.5 Preamp w/phono,
LP12, Zeta Arm, BlackBird, Ayre 7E CD, VTL 225 Deluxe Monoblocks converted to 6550c's w.shunyata Tiapan helix PC's,Diamond Racing cones on Solid Steel ampstands, Nordost Heimdall speaker cables. Also a Janus 15" Sub. I'm looking to get even more clarity, presence, and deeper, natural soundstage.
SO, I'm wondering that given that the Quads are much more effecient than my previous speakers; how much of a pickup woild I get changing to say the VTL 185 monoblocks in Triode mode which put out 100 Superclean watts? I understand the new signture transformers are Much faster and improved. With the overall new technolgy far superior to my Deluxe 225's Watts in tetrode.
Also, Have you found that tubes go better with Quads?
I also admit the list price of 12K for the new amps + new 9 mtr Balanced interconnects is a tad more than I was looking to spend, but willing to save my sheckels for awhile. I appricate any feedback form the Audiogon Communitity.

Stay with tubes. Locally, they have sounded great with Manley 250's or Quicksilver v-4's.

Your present equipment should be up to the task. Maybe try some room treatments or a higher end preamp.
Quads and Tubes and I don't own them but have always like the paring when auditioned.

Not sure your going to have significant ROI with 12K amps upgrade plus new IC. You will have to audition and determine yourself.

Save your "duckets" for PC and IC in the short term or stay put and look for good deals on used amps if you feel you must make a change.

Spin the Yellowjackets.
Well PC's and interconnects only do so much and at the end of the day you're going to have make a move.Quads like most electrostats perform better with tube amps.There is just a natural sysnergy between the two.This opinion is based on my experience with these type of components,others may have different experiences.
I would use them with Atma-Sphere OTL
Save your money.The Gem show in Tucson is about to start...
Thanks for your help. I'm thinking of a cleaner, smaller Class A tube amps. My dealer suggested the QUAD amps might just do the trick and they are modest in cost vs. new VTL gear-(which are beyind my price point). Besides, Luke has moved on to Manley which I'll look into as well as some other brands. THX
Your dealer suggested.....your thinking of cleaner,smaller Class A......takes alot more than that to get that last 20%.Good luck,Bob
Luke Manley still heads VTL. Eve Ana Manley heads Manley Labs. A preamp upgrade would still be your best bet.
Thanks again. I'll demo a better preamp as well. I thought the VTL 5.5 was well regarded as a good performer - for ~aprox. $4500. We'll soon see...
50 wpc is optimum to drive the Quads with a max of 100wpc after which, even at decent listening levels, the self protection kicks in and the speakers shut off. You may have experienced something similar. IOWs a tube amp with modest output, say 50 wpc, is the way to go. Am driving my 2905s with a CJ LP70S power amp running on 6550 C winged tubes. Even a relatively low 70 wpc tends to drive the Quads to shut down. My limited listening exposure with SS amps was a bit of a let down eg Arcam etc There is a natural synergy between tubes and ESLs but off course a lot depends on your musical preferences etc
Best of luck.
Sunnyboy1956,Thanks for your comments. I haven't experienced any protection kicking in from my VTL 225 watt monoblocks at any volume I gave the Quad's. I have a fairly good sized room, 24x16x9, with an opened 'cutout' in the backwall; this leads to the entrance way and then a hallway. Live at Leads and Hendrix in the West posed no problems at moderate to fairly loud but still enjoyable volumes. I'm trying the QUAD II Classic Amps now. 15W per Class A. Not as Big, but more defined and demensional, esp. for small jazz bands like quintets & trios, chamber, folk, etc. If I buy these and swap out the tubes for something British or European, I understand I'll get a very big pickup in amp sonics.
Syntax know's, read above.

Been a Quad owner over 25 years.

By far the best vacuum tube amplifiers a Quad owner could ever use be it refurbished vintage or new Quads is OTL tube amps.

Atma-Sphere, Tenor, David Berning just to name a few.
Believe me , you have heard nothing yet.
I also recommend Atma-Sphere OTLs. I drive my 988s with a set of MA1s with the power supply upgrade -- ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! and don't even use (or miss) a sub.
I used a pair of OTL3s from NYAL - OTLs are the only way to go with Quads but they don't make the output tubes as well as they used to. So, second best thing is to use good tube amps that best matches the impedance curve of the Quads.
Electrostats don't require a lot of current to drive them, unlike dynamic speakers. They prefer voltage amplifiers like most tube amps. My guess is any good sounding 50-60W tube amp would work great. I fixed Quads for many years and most of the problems I saw were due to people using high powered solid state amps to drive them with. A really bad idea.
I have a friend with the 2805's that he recently purchased new. He is currently using a push/pull tube amp of his own design using EL34 outputs with excellent results. I would definitely consider an OTL with these speakers. I own a Berning ZH270 which I have heard driving ESL 63's with stellar results. We plan in the near future trying the Berning with his speakers. I expect very good things. The Berning is rated at 70 watts. If you check the archives there is another owner of these speakers using the zh270 as well.
I wonder if anyone has any experience with other OTL amps: Graaf or Einstein and any word on their reliability and availability of service in the US? Also, the Quad II Forty and Quad II Eighty are supposed to be excellent but have not heard them with the 63, 988 or 2805. I also heard rumors that the new Moscode is very good with the Quads as well. I have never really liked solid state amps with ESLs, especially the Quads but has anybody has a different experience. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have experiences with these
Hifigeek (Gary) -- As you may recall, I own an ARC VS--115 (w/KT-120 tubes). Would the VS-115 match well with the Quads? Also, how loud can they be safely driven? Some music like Classical has a varying dynamic range, possibly as much as 20-25db. For example, Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony, 4th movement.

Thanks Bruce
Bruce, that may be too much power although I am lass familiar with the newer Quad speakers. In the past I worked on the 63's and the 57's. With the 63's 100W was overkill. If you overdrive the speaker the clamp circuit shuts them down for a few seconds. Problem is, if you continue to force the speaker to clamp you will burn the clamp circuit out and then the speaker won't protect itself. I don't know if the new Quads are any different circuit wise.
Gary, that was my recollection from the "old" days. The Quads were sweet, but couldn't be pushed too hard or else. I don't know about the newer models either. I play a lot of rock, pop, jazz and classical. Right now I am playing Dvorak's 9th Symphony (New World) and it has a large dynamic range. I think the old Quad would melt.

That's a shame. From what I read, the Quads are very thoughtfully designed to eliminate time and phase distortion. I think I read no crossovers. I believe they generate sound by arranging the electrostatic panels from a point surrounded by concentric circles. Empircally, it make a lot of sense.
The newer Quads can handle more power.
Well there is a down side to the new Quads. Where as before if the unit needed say a new clamp board, you just replaced the clamp board and that was it. The new units have a single motherboard. Makes servicing a bit more difficult. Have you listened to any Sound Lab Products?
Gary (Hifigeek), no -- I have not listened to Sound Lab products. Can you give me a thumbnail sketch?
Not really, go to their web site and look at some of their products. Obviously you would have to audition them. On the non electrostat side have you heard the new maggies? I hear great things about them.
Haven't auditioned the Maggies. I did look over the Magnepan web site. I am afraid they will be too large for my "man cave" and my wife will freak, even the 1.7s are too big. She already hates my Paradigm Sig 8 towers -- calls them monstrosities. I think they're beautiful -- the cabinets are gorgeous!!
LOL I refuse to get in the middle of what I call the w.a.f.(wife acceptance factor). Depending on which Quad you get, they can get pretty tall. Remember you only live once! Is there something you can barter for, with the wife?
George (Hifigeek), uuuhhmm, maybe I could just barter the wife. A couple of years back we visited Jorden and met some very nice Arab herdsmen. I tried to sell my wife to the shiek for 40 camels. He said he would take her . . . but only if I gave him 40 camels. LOL :) [Just kidding]
It's Gary..LOL
I have used Quad amplification for many years, notably a 606 with some ESL 63s. I have recently bought some 2805s and a pair of QUAD 80 valve Momoblocks. The result is stunning. I have tried Meridian, Densen, Linn, and Naim power amplification. None match as well as the Quads and cannot touch the 80s..

Front end is now a Linn Akurate DSM playing ALAC and FLAC.
Low power tube amps and Quads go very well together.