Do Transparant Cables have a sonic sig?

yes yes yes
Remember, all cables have a sonic signature!
I think they sound very dull and artificial. Beware of electronics in your wires!!! All they can do is throw away something. And, there is the risk that they will add noise or distortion to your signal.
I have found Transparent's sonic signature an unbeatable match with Krell gear. However, I also found that this same signiture colored my system and made even my tube setup sound like Krell solid state gear.
I'm obviously biased since I recently replaced all my cables with Transparent Reference XL, but, it wasn't until after trying many other top-of-the-line cables (to not offend anyone - I won't list them). However, the point is that for me, in my system (basically, Levinson electronics), they were the best and by a significant margin. Their "signature" was the most open and natural sound I had ever heard from my system. Two previous posts are right on - all cables have a signature and system matching is critical. Listen for yourself and learn which cables do it for YOU!
yes they do. When planning to recable your system it is very important to try the same cable through out your system. If you dont you will never fully know what the brand of cable added or took away from your systems performance. I was using all transparent ultras which where very good but I tried the Harmonic Techs. and it was asthough someone lifted a vail of the vocals.And I also found out of most of the cables I tried they had the least sonic additive of any of them. And thats what you want a cable that doesnt add or take away.( they all do but you want it to be at the smallest degree possible so it allows you to hear you gear) And the harmonics worked for me. Needless to say I sold all my transparents and went HT. Good Luck
I agree with Lev335, you can try just one i.c or just the speaker wire. But to really know what particular cable design is doing to your sound change them all to the same brand, or at least I have found this true with the Transparent stuff. Good luck. By the way, what kind of sound are you looking for?
Lev335, I am in a similar situation. I have switched my Transparent Super interconnects out for Harmonic Technology Truthlinks (great fit and finish). I found them a better match with my tube gear, plus the warm signature of the copper Truthlinks took the bite out of my NHT VT-1.2's (punishingly bright at times). Now I am seriously considering switching out my Super Bicable XL speaker cables as well.
I have aragon, EAD CD, Paradigm Studio 80 combo. Can seem hot and forward at times. EAD is an improvement over my old Marantz CD63. Using Kimber for now. Suggestions? I want a little more bloom and a softer lower treble. Thanks.
Dave, you should try out the Harmonic Technology Truthlinks. I've found their tone to be warm and laid back, while still letting a 6922/KT90 tube amp complement give me the "forward" midrange with good bass control that I was looking for. If the copper Truthlinks seem too warm, the silver Pro-Silway Mk II's sound great. They seemed very transperent to my ear.
As stated, all cables have a sonic signature. What you would like to find is cables with the least coloration, the "open window" effect. I also agree that when testing cables stay consistant throughout the system. I have been using Transparent Audio Super IC's and speaker cable. No more. I recently listened to silver IC's from Vantage Audio and I am switching. When I put them in the "window opened". I also have a gold IC from Vantage that is currently under investigation. I suggest you give them a try ( Good Luck, Doug
I am using the Transparent Ultra XL (balanced) between my VT100 MKII and LS25 with spectacular results. I do not find these cables "dark". Instead, I would characterize them as being neutral, dead quiet and dynamic, with exellent extension in the mid and low bass. The treble is natural and certainly, not "rolled-off" in my system (I have ribbon tweeters, MG 3.5/R)
I'm using Ultra Xl and also agree with Gmorris. Upgrading to Reference XL. Transparent has revealed the full potential of my electronics. Rowland 8t amp, BAT vk30se pre, N802,
Levinson 360s dac. Have tried other cables but Transparent is the best in my particular system. HT, Kimber, AP, Dh Labs, Straight Wire are the other cables I've owned through out the years.