Do Thiel dealers discount?

I have decided to buy new thiel cs3.7 speaker to replace my old dynaudio.
Crutchfield sells this speaker at facory suggested price.
Also there is a Thiel dealer at one hour driving distance from my house.
Is it worth to visit them expecting to get a discount?
It is unusual that an online megastore sells high-end audio equipments, which makes me not to sure about discounts which we can usually expect from high end audio dealers.
Have you actually heard them yet? They are definitely not a speaker to everyone's liking.
Just wondering which speakers ARE to everyone's liking.

Usually no... but there's always a chance that a dealer wants to shift a pair that's been sitting on the floor as demos, or a pair that was ordered and the person changed their mind. Don't expect much though...

I would call the dealer to tell them that you are interested in the 3.7's and that you would like to visit them to listen to them. Once you're there, ask if there's anything they can do on the price. If the answer is no, see if they are willing to discount something else that you do need... cables, etc.
I was trying to be kind. These speakers actually sound like a big AM radio is playing.
Ptmconsulting...I don't believe the OP was asking for your opinion about the speaker (and by the way, there is nothing further from the truth as to your assertion, as the Thiel 3.7s are very musical as long as you are driving them with the appropriate amp).

Sooloos...yes you should be able to get a discount from an authorized Thiel dealer. Like all things how much of a discount depends on your relationship with the dealer and also how motivated they are to generate a sale. I would think anywhere in the 5%-15% off retail is reasonable to expect and how good of a negotiator you are :-)

By the way, to the point of partnering amp, what amp do you plan on using with the 3.7s?
I wouldn't count on discounting, but a 2 hour round trip might be worth a try, especially as this price point.
EVERY dealer will discount, I haven't found one that would not. It's a new world out there with the Internet, dealers know it and they either will learn to play or be gone IMHO.
If you have already decided to buy this model it can't hurt to contact a few dealers to see if any have a "demo" pair. Frequently a "demo", is that in name only, if you get my gist. That said the shipping cost may offset any saving over picking them up at your local dealer.
Several internet places have 'dealership' of audiophile brands.
Seems there are actually places with no local dealers, and the companies wantto be able to offer products to those customerss.
As for a local dealer (even two hour drive) well yeah, what's the problem? At least you can go listen to them.
Nobody pays full list anymore!!
Agree with Ptm.
You may miss your old Dyns.
Thanks very much everyone!
I already have some experience with Thiel speakers.
I had cs 2.3 in 90's, and I enjoyed it very much.
Also my brother has cs 3.7. So I know well about this speaker.
Now it is time to replace my dynaudio contour 3.0, and cs 3.7 is my first choice for new one.
Do anyone have other recommendation to me in this price range?
I don't like B&W 802.
I enjoy all kind of music except hardcore metal.
Or any comments on using 3.7 with bryston 14b?
Since you are asking for recommendations, I would recommend the PSB Synchrony One. I compared it to an 802 and found it similar, but with a less hot treble, which I found a little irritating on the 802.
The Bryston wouldn't be my first choice. I'd suggest big Pass or Krell.
I have found that discounting is dependent on the specific product (the margin the dealer gets, the policies of the manufacturer/distributor--some tightly control prices), the type/policy of the retail establishment, and primarily, by the kind of relationship I have with the dealer. Those dealers that I buy a lot from, almost always include a discount, and I NEVER even ask about a discount--they just include it in the price.
The certainly should....
Thiel and Bryston sound great. Congratulations on the 3.7's. I think they are pretty damn amazing. Great choice. I use Bryston with SCS4's, wish I could find the space for 3.7's.
I was quoted $10500 for new 3.7 last year.

The 3.7 is an outstanding speaker and the negative comments just show how important it is to hear them for yourself.
Add another bit to get Aerial 20T that is superior to 3.7 and Dyns.
I have used a pair of Bel Canto REF1000Ms with the Thiel 3.7s. Now with Electrocompaniet Nemo