Do these woofers look right on these Dunlavys IVA's?

Looking at getting these speakers but in the close up showing the woofers they look very frayed- should they look this way or are they on their way out- thks for the advice- here is the link on audiogon-


Nothing at all wrong with them!  I missed a pair an hour away from me for $800.  They sold in 8 hours... I just couldn’t figure out a way to get them home, or in my listening room.

They’re quite impressive speakers.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with them!
Yep, look fine.  Fritz uses a current version of them.

The random, non factory look of them actually contributes to reducing resonance modes that occur in the cone itself.
Dunlavy on the model  4s had 3 different versions. The big changes were changing the woofers from Morel to Seas to Scanspeak.  The Scanspeak required changes to the crossover and probably to the damping to maintain the Q that John preferred.  Along the way Dunlavy sent me 2 new sets of midranges that looked identical but sounded slightly better to my ear. Tom