Do the surrounds really need much power

I'm in the process of upgrading amps and wondering if the surround channels really need as much power as the mains and center? There isn't as much information going back there and the speakers are smaller. It seems logical that less power is really needed.
It depends on what surround format your using. Dolby Pro Logic doesn't send much info to the surrounds and the surrounds are also bandwidth limited. Dolby Digital, DTS, etc... all have full bandwidth to every speaker with a greater amount of info also. Plan ahead and get what you need now so that you won't be going through this again in a few months. Sean
It should be true ,but with the power craziest I see ,I doubt it now....more power more power.....
Yes, the Dolby Digital, DTS etc. will have the surround channels as separate discrete channels where they can definitely use the full bandwidth.  However, movies are not mixed this way.  You will not actually have a lot of sound output on the surround channels, even during heavy action scenes.  There might be one or two scenes here and there that may use more impact on surround, but for the most part, there is actually very little sound level coming out of side/rear surrounds.  You can definitely get away with smaller power amps.

I would say its not about bandwidth as much as dynamic range.  All the special effects are sent to surround channels and can be QUITE dynamic.  Explosions, doors thudding closed, etc.  You need significant power to support all these noises they stick in the surround channels.   



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Yes. Surround sound speakers require a power source to be functional. Wired speakers use a long cable to connect to the receiver/amplifier (power source). Wireless speakers use a shorter AC power cable (mirroring that of a small appliance), batteries, or are charged before use cupcake 2048