Do subwoofer magnets interfere with amplifiers?

I have a Velodyne HGS-18 subwoofer. It's placed alongside my amp stand atop of which rests a Classe CAV-500 amp. I know this amp is probably heavily shielded but could the huge magnet from the Velodyne interfere with the amp and affect the signal.They are only about one foot apart. Is there a safe distance to place them apart or am I worried about nothing?
The latter (i.e. don't worry). A foot is good + the magnetic field fm the woof would hardly be strong enough, I don't think. If you want to be super safe, place a copper sheet b/ween subwoof & amp.
Copper will not shield something from a magnetic field. You would need mu metal.
I often wonder about this myself. Most speaker manufacturers when questioned on how far the magnetic field can stetch to affect a television picture will reply 18 inches. It is not out of the realm of possibility IMO that it can affect the performance of audio gear.
What type of metal barrier would you use? And if copper does not shield the amp why do the equipment manufacturers advertise that they use it in their chasies to shield their amps?
Copper will shield from electromagnetic waves, like radio transmissions and electrical noise in the air.

Mu metal is the best choice for magnetic shielding, in any case it has to be a magnetic material and copper isn't.
In general a dc magnetic field won't affect electronics, a TV CRT being the exception. The CRT involves a beam of electrons that are intended to be easily deflected so as to scan the screen. An AC field can cause Hum, but the power transformer of the equipment in question is more important than what is going on in other equipment.