Do studio monitors work well at home?

I have been reading on how some studio monitors can sound very natural and accurate. However, most of these studio monitors are being listened to at an average distance of 4 feet. I was wondering if anyone uses studio monitors in a home setting where the listening distance is over 4 feet...and how do they sound? I am not able to go down to my local stereo shop and do this test myself as the shops around my area do not stock studio monitors. Thanks in advance.

By the way, when I am referring to studio speakers, I am specifically referring to near-field monitors.
Near-field studio monitors are designed to be placed directly above the mixing console. They are equalized to eliminate the so-called "console bounce" effect. There is a dip in their frequency response to counteract the reflection from the console surface. If not used as intended, the monitor will sound overly distant and lacking in immediacy. This effect can be quite pleasant in that it gives the soundstage depth, but it is not accurate. If this is a concern, I suggest you consider a mid-field monitor. They are designed for free space positioning.
Hi, I used a pair of studio monitor as my main listening speakers a few years back thinking that if the pro uses it, then it must be a true "monitor". Unfortunately, the I soon find the studios monitors lacks personality. They sounded plain and boring. I can careless for their workmanship. I would not recommend using them unless you have a mixing console and you're about 2 feet away.

Hello Imstar. I use a wonderful monitor that has it's ancestry as a BBC studio monitor. It is the Harbeth Compact 7ES. It is being used in both small and large rooms with equal success, and is not really very "compact" with an 8 inch driver. Harbeth still makes studio monitors ranging in size from very small to huge. If you are curious, type in "harbeth" in the search engine. Also you can check out Good luck. Charlie
The primary reason that a speaker qualifies as a studio montior is its lack of personality. A well designed monitor is a professional tool aimed at letting the artist and engineer know exactly what the music sounds like. Accurate components often fair poorly in direct comparison to high personality products. Their lack of sonic signature can be mistaken for a lack a musicality.

Regarding workmanship, take a look at JBL LSR series, any ATC, Spendor or Tannoy AMS series. These are all well designed and well put together products that offer a very high level of sound quality.
i sometimes use my tannoy studio monitors(near field's)and sitting on my coffe table(where i do most of my listening)haha,wich is about 6 feet from them,they sound pretty good,although,not as good as at 3-4 feet as intended.they were very inexpensive,i payed $120,(dealer cost)for them,model #proto-j.retail is 250 or so.the build qaulity is excellent,a hell of a lot better than tannoys home "book shelf'ers"the cabinets are thick,the drivers seated super well!plenty of insulation too!the m series for exaple are very thin wall speakers,and poorly stuffed.i did a comparrison also,at about 6 ft from them,between the m2's,mx2's and the proto j's.the protos won!and at about $100 dollars less!good luck!dave