Do Streamer only devices really impact sound quality?

From a layman mindset, a streamer transmits electronic information to a dac via coaxial cable or other connection. The electronic information I believe is standardized for all streamers. That said, the streamer itself could not influence the sound quality heard by the audience. I think it is bit-perfect information coming across to the dac. 

So for instance a Bluesound 2i   vs  Cambridge CXN V2 streamer should sound identical with the same connections and equipment used and of course same streaming service and content.


thoughts appreciated if I have this correct?  


Correct. Bits are bits. And jitter in today's equipment is so small it cannot possibly be audible. And error correction has been perfected for decades. Even as far back as when I was doing network programming for banking systems in the 80's.

@dvdgreco , There is no doubt that adding a good quality streamer to a good system will make a big difference.  It is likely that the Node and the Cambridge are not all that different.

I added an Auralic Aries G2.1 in front of my already good sounding Tambaqui DAC and it made (to me) a noticeable improvement.  I did not want to believe this, as there is a good streamer in my Tambaqui.  But it did.  I use USB from streamer to DAC, and also enjoy the Muon Filter in front of the streamer.  I also upgraded my network cables to Supra shielded Cat 8.

@soix ​​@tk21 Speaking of Darko, on the other end of the spectrum, here he calls the WiiM Mini "Outstanding" "Fantastic" & "Favorite streamer of 2022" all for $79.

@navyachts Just as he did with the Sueezebox, he left out the qualifier “for the money,” but he did say it’s not on the level of better/pricier streamers.  Just highlighting a few words from his review without context is misleading. 

@soix - I was just trying to point out that something outstanding and fantastic could be had for thousands of dollars less than the Innuos Zen Mk3. Didn't say it sounded better.