Do Sony remotes work on Arcam CDPs?

I want an Arcam but hate their remotes. I will be keeping my Sony 333 player for parties and am wondering if I could use the nice Sony remote for both (just have one off when not using it). Thanks Arthur
I dont know about the Sony,but Arcam makes a remote that has come with some of thier int. amps.It is the 224 if i remember the number right.I know some of the Arcam remotes 314? dont even support shuffle play,not that i freak out over shuffle play but i do use it.Whats the point of not having that on their remote,who knows.Anyway try to get a 224 remote.
I know my Marantz receiver remote will operate my Arcam CDP and Int.Amp which would seem to indicate the Arcam's use Philips codes