Do SME V's come with detchable head shell?

Hi there, I am considering to buy an SME V from some guy in England but his pictures show the SME V w/o a headshell. The tone arm is supposed to be brand new in the box but I thought that these are not removable on the SME V so can anyone enlighten me on what is going on here?

Thanks guys
Yes they have a removable headshell. Sumiko in the US just does not bring them in. Now you can adjust azumith.

SME V is made in both fixed and detachable versions.
Dear friends: The SME V or IV comes with non-removable headshell but the 300 series come wwith removable headshell, but there are ddifferences in the quality sound reproduction between the V/IV and the 300 series.

Regards and enjoy the music.
If you can find them, the Model 10 tonearm has the SME V magnesium tonearm tube AND a removeable headshell, although it only has the ABEC-1 bearings as on the 300 series arms. The 300/Model 10 arms acan also be upgraded with the FDIV fluid damper and VTA adjustment wand that comes with the V series arms.

Yes - the SME V comes with a removable headshell - it is a current model. Sometimes it is known as a Vd. I have one mounted on my Teres turntable. (It is not a 300, it is a V.) I can (and do) adjust azimuth.

The SME designed connection between arm and headshell is significantly stronger than that between cartridge and headshell. SME engineers claim the headshell/arm joint is structurally a match to the non-removable headshell version to the effect that there is no sonic difference between them.

Dear Tim: Interesting that the V comes now with removable headshell, I can't find in the SME website.

Anyway, for my point of view this new V really is not a V because the " unique " V characteristic is that is build from one piece. I don't want to argue about but it seems to me different than the original/always V.

Regards and enjoy the music.

Raul - yes, I understand your point - because of the separate headshell the 'Vd' is not a single cast piece, although it is a single piece from the headshell joint on back. I believe, but am not certain, that the headshell is also magnesium cast like the arm. All other features are identical to the 'normal' V.

The detachable headshell version has been offered for a few years now, but I do not think it is imported to North America. To my knowledge, cost is ~10% more than regular version. The manual I received is the regular SME V manual and its pictures are of the regular V. I have read that the detachable headshell version was created to enable azimuth adjustment, which seems the only logical reason - versus ease of cartridge swapping.

The headshell itself is clamped to the arm with a bolt and fitment is snug. Cartridge connection uses the typical leads to pins. The headshell mates to the arm with strong spring loaded pins. I suppose a downside is another connection in arm wiring. Nonetheless it is, as you know, an excellent tonearm.

Tim - Everything you say is correct. The SME Vd was designed to tweak the azimuth, not to allow quick changing of cartridges (as with the Phantom arm wands).