Do SACD player start up slower

I've noticed that one of the SACD players I'm looking at takes maybe 30-45 seconds to "read the disk content" Is this common to the format? The CDP uses a Sony drive so I would think this would be common to any player that uses a sony drive..
Many of the sacd drives do take some time to read the toc and recognize if the disc is a cd or sacd... Many of the newer models are much faster than the 30-45 seconds... sounds like the Sony scd1/777es transport that was so slow. I had a Sony 9000es which was more like 10-15 seconds.
The Trivista and the SCD-XA-777ES read an SACD as fast as a redbook disk.
My Sony DVPNS900 reads them within 10s-the length of the high end Sonys to read discs always put me off even considering buying patience me
Pioneer dv45A takes 5 to 10 seconds. I am more annoyed by the fact that with some discs (not all) it halts after it displays the type of disc, and I have to hit the PLAY button a second time to make things happen.
The Philips SACD 1000 also takes measurably longer to read a disc. I think that the combo units do this as they have to differentiate between whether it is a cd, dvd or sacd. If it senses that the disc is an SACD, it has to decode whether they are two channel or multi-channel. If it senses that it is a dvd, it has to tell what type of signal processing to apply to properly decript it.

One would think that the designers / engineers would have taken a progressive approach to sensing i.e. the machine would start off by looking for the simplest format and then proceeding from there. If it sensed the simplest format, which is CD, it would boot up and play from there. I have the feeling that the "turtle-like" machines are running through ALL of the formats and then selecting the most appropriate one and that is what takes so long. Sean
I did not actually time it.. so maybe I'm off. This was with the Shanling T200 that I was looking at in one of the local shops. It also did just as described above and stoped once it read the content so you had to wait while the read process was going on. The waiting is what made it seem like a long time. This was with an SACD..I'll have to try it for redbook. it actually uses the Sony KHM-2334AAA drive.
What's 20-35 seconds longer to cue up a cd as long as the player is functioning properly? If it takes that long to hear the best possible sound, so be it with pleasure! My Marantz 8300 takes 10-20 seconds or so. I've spent much more than that on this thread! It sill beats the 20 seconds to 2 minutes prepping vinyl for play. Please all enjoy the music!
Yes my Sony 777 takse a long time. I enjoy it. It gives me time to load the disc, sit down, relax.... One of it's fine features!
All of the following 4 units have spent auditoning time in my rack. My SCD-1 was the slow......est for the TOS to load, you could watch the leaves on the tree's go thru a change color before the first track would play! The Sony scd-333/555 5 disc changers are the fastest of the Sony ES Sacd stable. The Philips Sacd-1000 was the fastest, yet sound quality wise it wasn't up to par w/ the Sony's.
I just timed my sony XA777es for you. With tray open it took 2 seconds for the tray to close and 10 more seconds for play to begin.
My SCD-1 is located across the listening room. The long delay gives me time to walk back to the couch, sit down, take a sip from my glass of wine and relax before the music starts. Perfect! Much better than playing an LP, when the music always starts while I'm still on the run.
I could'nt agree more Jackcob. It's pride of ownership and knowing you own one of the best transports on the market. Gary.
I agree with Jackcob! The loading and scanning of the 777 is just enough time to get to the audio "sweet-spot", sip a wee dram of the malt, and prepare to listen to some good tunes!