Do Rega arms work well with LP12s?

That's my question. I just bought an LP12 without arm; the Ekos I've been told can be finicky, also quite pricey. The Ittok has been recommended, but I'm wondering about the ubiquitous RB-300 and or 250, or variants. Or the new RB-808. Anyone out there have any experience with this? Thank you.
I've owned probably 20 different Linn LP12s through the years and several of them had Rega arms. IMHO, they worked quite well.

If it were me, I would look for a used Ittok.
The Ekos is a great arm and no more "finicky" than the Ittok. The Ittok is a great value when compared to the Ekos. Ekos has closer tolerance bearing, resolves the upper and lower frequencies better. Not by an order of magnitude but cleaner to my ears.
I've had a few variants of the Rega arm and 2 Linn Ittoks. I would take the Ittok every day over the Regas. The Ittok is far far easier to set up than the Rega. That said, the Rega is a great arm and I can't see why it won't work on an LP12. I just wouldn't do it.
I had a Linn with a Rega 600 and the Ekos was far better, IMO. The Rega arm pillar is deeper than the Ekos and you may have to cut out part of the plinth support to clear it. Personally, I would bite the bullet and try to find an Ittok or Ekos.
Just get the Ittock LVII or the Ekos if you can afford it. Wait for it if you have to, it'll be worth it. Skip all the upgraded bullshit and you'll still have a great sounding table. I rebuilt 3 of them and I'm not mechanically inclined, and all 3 played great. Best of luck.
Goforth. Give me a hollar about the Ittock arm. I can't reach your message box. 727-688-3231 Roger
I used to have a Rega arm on my LP12, now I have an Ekos. Ekos is a better arm, and the Rega does work with the LP 12 but you might need to trim the right rear corner brace to fit the Rega.
works well enough.
others work better. the Ittok is a good recommendation, but if it was me, i would have looked for an alphason, if only to be different than the crowds (-: