do record mats work

picking up motor noise on a project rm5 table
Sometimes. I sold a lot of them in the 70s and 80s. If you have a metal platter that tends to ring they are helpful. On the other hand if you have a high quality modern platter they will very likely degrade the sound. The modern consensus if that if you have an acoustically dead[non resonate] platter you are best served by cuppling the record to it as tightly as possible. This answer basically deals with the problem of energy reflection by the platter. That is the problem they were intended to deal with. Your problem is a little different; you are not dealing with reflections but with vibrations transmitted from the motor. In your case I would think it might help, but since I have not used that turntable I would not be certain. I would use something like the old Platter Matter mat , one that is quite thick and dense if you can find one. I have one around somewhere but haven't used it for 20 years. You might do better to have your table examined to see if it is working properly.
yes i had it set up by a good repair shop it seams like hum gets louder as the needle goes to the middle of the record allso tryed other cables the first one grounded out whhen you touched it think it was less insulited
I was thinking you were talking about vibrations from motor rather than electrical hum; I can't see how a mat helps that. Have you tried grounding your table to the center screw on an AC outlet? I also use to use a cheater plug to reverse the wall connection. Hum problems are notoriously difficult to deal with. I would look on Audio Asylum to see if anyone else has had this problem.
I used on to damp the 'ringing' of the platter of a Pioneer TT. That wordked fine. Never used them to diminish hum though.
Keep in mind that you'll have to adjust the VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) of your cartridge if the replacement mat is thicker or thinner then the original mat.
Let me guess. You are using a Grado cartridge?

Anyway, what you describe is probably caused by the cartridge picking up EMI from the table's motor. NO platter mat is going to help with that.
I believe Dan ed has it correct!
Yes, for me the Boston Audio Mat was a great fit. Tightened up the bass.
Perhaps you could DIY a mat using mu-metal shielding.
thanks guys i had to move the table to the other side of the room away from my maritin logan sumits i think the power woffers inthem are over sentive to acoustic feed back how long of a cable is to long i am useing a 16foot i cant here any single loss