Do prefer a black or silver faceplate?

I have owned very few pieces of black faced audio gear in my time.
When I have the option I tend to lean towards the silver model.
How bout you? Do you have a preference or does it even matter?
I tend to prefer black. I've found too much variance among "silver" between the manufacturers. That being said, I have a Line Magnetic 518IA (gold/copper) and a Manley Chinook (blue/purple) so I guess when I vote with my dollar, it's neither.
I've always really liked the gold/champagne finish, but almost no one does it anymore. I also adore gear that has wood panels or accents, but alas, that is no longer in vogue either.

Most of my current gear is black.
Black or blacker yet.
In regards to Fender original 60's amplifiers, I prefer the blackface.
They look better AND sound better.
I mostly prefer black, but with gold, gold/brown combinations, or other colors mixed in for contrast/visual diversity. I would find everything the same color to be visually boring.

-- Al
Silver, I find black components dull and drab looking. Wood panels done
tastefully is my first choice. Wood has a beauty and natural warmth that
just isn't possible with metals.
Silver has the nice horizontal grain just faintly visible with the super clean silk screening you just don't get to appreciate in the black finish.
I feel the same way when it's comes to my choice of a wood finish. Never ever black.
i love industrial looks with grey or blue faceplates.
Silver has a more modern "cleaner" look, NO meters please!!!
Home theater equipment is black. My 2 channel is silver.
I once went black.
And I'll never go back.
Black, always (but sometimes gold)!
Silver with black accents. I prefer red or turquoise interconnects. 😋
It never made a difference to me. As a matter of fact I have mixed gear in both black and silver.
Black. But probably that's influenced by my prior system being silver, for the most part.

Although whenever I see Jolida components in silver, I wonder if I'd go silver if I ever bought Jolida.
When I have silver, I like silver.
When I have black, I like black.

All the best,
Silver face plates work for me. Most of my gear have silver face plates with touches of black. I really like brushed silver face plates.
I've owned black and silver. Preferred black for many years but my latest purchases have been silver. One thing I don't like is mixed, some silver and some black.
I bet it took you months to think of this question.
Depends on the gear, my high end 2 channel rig? I like silver.

For HT I prefer black as it is visually less likely to stand out during a film.
For 70's gear, silver. For newer gear, black.
I only knew Michael Jackson who did similar and never went back...-)
When I got my first full size system, I chose all-black components and loved them. These days, I prefer silver faceplates so my tastes have changed over time.

cause it looks bad
Silver because it's kinder and gentler. When everything is just right it looks like a thousand points of light.
Black Video equipment. Silver 2 channel Audio.
12-13-14: Ozzy
Black Video equipment. Silver 2 channel Audio.
+ 1.
Silver. My current amp has a black faceplate, however.