Do preamps make good headphone amps?

Do preamps make good headphone amps, or are the dedicated headphone amps sound better?

If they do headphones ok, which preamps sound good?
The McIntosh preamps have built-in headphone amps made with discreet devices! They sound really good - I was surprised (with Sennheiser 600 on my C42).

Most certainly! My Rotel RC-955 has both a great phono section as well drives my 600 ohm AKG M240's beautifully.
The Placette Active Pre is said to have one of the best headphone amps.
I have a TAD 150 tube preamp and the headphone amp is very good...I used to have a mf headphone amp and this is really comparable
the short answer is; some do and some don't. Another pre known as having a (very) good hp amp is the Melos SHA Gold. But in most cases, a dedicated hp amp is better than the phone jack on most pres. Many have loop out so you just interest between pre and source, or put into your tape loop.
Thanks to all the posts - voices of experience I could use.

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