Do power cables make good speaker cables?

Do the characteristics that make a good power cable also make a good speaker cable? Specifically I'm wondering about Chris VenHaus' various power cable designs. Has anyone built a speaker cable using his power cable designs?

I'd prefer this discussion not digress into HD-14 banter.
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Nickolas, I use VH Audio's star-quad wire for my speaker cables, it's the same wire used in his Flavor 4 PC. Last year I was trialing many different SCs and decided to try some of Chris's star-quad wire. After a couple of months of A/B comparisons, it performed as well or better than several different SCs in my system. I used Furutech FP-201 Rhodium Spade Connectors to terminate the wires (also from VH Audio). In the last year I have come across serveral other Agoners who use star-quad as well.
I'm thinking to use the starquad too. Mijknarf, do you need special tools or treatment to terminate the star quad wire to the FP-201 rhodium spade?

Andy, I crimped WBT gold sleeves onto the starquad and slid it into the spade. The spade has two set screws that bite the wire or sleeve. I then used heat shrink to cover the assembly.
Thanks mijknard