Do power cables mAke difference on powered woofer

I upgraded my power chords for all my electronics from audience powerchord to their new "e" powerchords. It's a nice improvement.

I have only not upgraded the power chords on my spreaker' powered woofers as they would require a long run 8 foot minimum and so more expensive and question whether the upgrade for a powered woofer would be really palpable?



I am running Gutwire B-16s on my RELs and think it makes a difference. Haven't done double blind tests as they are hard for one person to set up.
i did an A/B with my velodyn dd12 using a PS Audio AC-10 against stock. purchased AC-10's and AC-5's for almost all of my gear so i decided to try one on the sub. was very happy with the results on my other components so i assumed the same would hold true for the sub.

one thing that should be noted is that my sub's volume/output is set to 15 on a scale of 100. i only use it as a "slight enhancer" for way down low.

i noticed no difference at all so i decided against the expense. maybe if my sub was being used/pushed more, the results would have been different?. plus my system is not that high end or revealing. a better system might have shown more of an improvement?.

btw...i do have a dedicated lines and porter ports so my AC supply is decent to begin with

just my experience.
It may be of note that Professor Hsu does not recommend an expensive power cord for any of his subs. He doesn't believe they make a difference. His company makes great subs.
Gauge makes a difference on my Art of Sound sub. Nothing less than 12ga and copper work best. Silver plating seems to take away a bit of impact. However, realize that I am using mine for HT only.
On my powered subwoofer an upgraded power cord definitely made a positive difference.
I am running a MIT AC-1 on my Revel B-15 A.

I keep telling myself it made a difference :)

A sense of humor is key in this hobby!!!
I found this to be the oddest surprise in all my years of experimentation in audio. My speakers are Vandersteen 5A's which have powered subs...the upper range coming directly from my Ayre amp. When I changed the power cord on the internal Vandersteen amps, the whole sonic picture was improved...not only the lows. The speaker as a whole became cleaner, clearer, greater depth and width, etc.
I had a set of speakers with active subs.I tried a number of different cords on this connection.The PCs definitely make a BIG difference.Start with a Belden/stock cord and experiment.If it doesn't trounch the Belden,then try another.
I agree with Stringreen when it comes to the entire speaker...MIT Z-II cables on the Logans did some amazing things for clarity, and it's a fairly resonable priced cable in the cable world.

New from Joe Abrams, 2 meter's are about 150.00.

Used as low as $75.00.

It was a slick upgrade.
Power cords can make a HUGE difference on powered sub-woofers (just as they do for other components).

I've used (used) SR AC Master Couplers with dramatic effect. If you've got the dosh I'd audition a Tesla T3. Among the many benifits, expect enhanced air and layering in the mid-range.

Try and listen before you buy, always a good idea when cables are in question.