Do posters intend to hurt the feelings of other members?

It is usually the case that members engage in spirited, often passionate, discussions in threads. That’s normal. Regrettably, often those discussions veer off the tracks, where members are offended or genuinely have their feelings hurt by the content of others’ post(s). 

Do posters intend to hurt the feelings of other members? Your thoughts?
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viridian ...

Naw, some of the most enjoyable posters (at least to me) have that dry sense of humor you speak of. Part of the fun of this site is the humor. Sometimes I think I'm visiting the Comedy Store in Hollywood. Stand-up comedians like Geoff, et al are sometimes snarky but funny at the same time.

Also, there are some very creative folks here at A'gon who really have a way with words ... skilled essayists, if you will. I love reading those responses. 

What I object to are the vicious personal attacks. Geeze, I've been called a snake oil salesman, a shill, a conman and more, all because I have  expressed enthusiasm over various products. This has happened in threads I've either started or contributed to regarding ... Audio Research products, room treatments, fuses, tweaks ... and on and on. 

I've even been compared recently to a phony evangelist faith healer by one sick poster. Hell, if that were true, I'd lay hands of the guy's post and heal his negativity in order to improve his darkened, narrow little life. 

These guys, the ones who are hell-bent on destroying the joy, and/or successes of others, are sick individuals who need help. As the great Zig Ziglar said ... "They need a checkup from the neck up."  "They suffer from stinkin' thinkin'." :-)


The most offensive posts I found are typically the ones that people failed to agree to be in disagreement. 

One of the first threads I read here was "no-one-actually-knows-how-to-lculate-what-speaker-cable-they-need" The way the author was treated there was inexcusably rude, whether you agreed with the author or not. It put me off. I never could figure why the person who started the thread tolerated such nonsense or the moderators for that matter.

I’m curious, and am asking, what any moderator's thoughts are on the subject of this thread. I feel somebody should be looking after contributors and posters being offended by someone who is anonymous to them, behind a keyboard somewhere. What do you think?