Do posters intend to hurt the feelings of other members?

It is usually the case that members engage in spirited, often passionate, discussions in threads. That’s normal. Regrettably, often those discussions veer off the tracks, where members are offended or genuinely have their feelings hurt by the content of others’ post(s). 

Do posters intend to hurt the feelings of other members? Your thoughts?
I think every chat board has a "culture" and from what I’ve witnessed over many years on other boards in diverse fields is that someone who comes on blazing is not going to get a positive reception. A little humility goes a long way. This board is far from the worst in my experience- most people seem pretty willing to help ...
Moderation- generally- is almost a last resort. Participants should self-moderate to a degree. When a mod has to step in, things are usually ugly- personal attacks, politics or the like. But, I do agree that once the rules are set, a violation should have consequences, starting with a ’time out.’ ... Tammy does a pretty good job in my estimation.
I agree. For those who think the site would benefit from more stringent moderation, I suggest use of the "Report this" flag, which is quite effective. If it’s not, or you have a larger concern, it’s worth reaching out to Audiogon support using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. I have found them to be very responsive.

Audiogon staff will absolutely give forum violators a temporary suspension or - in extreme cases - ban them entirely. But sometimes they need a little input from us first so that they are aware of what’s happening in the forums.
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 I have to consider my own thin skin posting here or anywhere else. I choose my words for the sake of discussion, not argumentation. I will almost always lose an argument, since I have not been very good at it. Discussion, on the other hand is something that I have an interest in, whether I agree with the other party or not. I can learn, or even judge from statements of feeling rather than fact (whatever that is). This can be a way to try something new, or realize that you might want to avoid new discussion with that party in the future.
@elizabeth if the reason people come here is for the arguments and incivility then you are correct.

I'd like to think they come to discuss hi-fi and music. Maybe I'm wrong.

Kind of reminds me of the Monty Python skit where people come pay to have an argument. If that's what Audiogon is....well....just as stupid as that skit....but without the humor.
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