Do people typically sell soundbars on this website?

Hey everybody! Silly question here. I've recently come upon a SoloCinemaStudio Definitive Technology soundbar and subwoofer. My question here is do people typically sell soundbars on this website? I wasn't seeing any when I searched... Long story short, I'm moving to Japan and need to sell things that I can't take with me. Craigslist doesn't have much of a market for higher end audio equipment (the soundbar new is $1.4k). Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :)
If you check the home theater category you will find soundbars listed!
Yes they are listed under home theater,soundbars.

Does'nt mean very many sale though but you never know,might be worth a try.

Best of luck,

Under home Theatre junk dude!!
It would seem ridiculous to "sell" a sandbar as they exist mostly as a hazard to navigation, and I've run a small boat into them a few times. wait…uh…oh…sound bars…nevermind.
...sandbar, soundbar...same thing.
You guys,I'm still laughing.
it's worth $10 to find out...