Do Parasound JC1's run hot?

Smallish office with limited ventilation. Would like to avoid a sexual harassment claim so can't have the amp running too hot. How's the jc1 operational temperature with lower listening volumes? I'll crank it up in the evenings and weekends.

i was considering pass labs but don't want to cook. JC1's seem like a good option. Other ideas?

In low bias mode they run warm but not hot; in high bias mode they run hot.  I use low bias, figuring that at the moderate listening levels I prefer the amps stay in Class A mode -- IIRC that's up to 10 watts.  Even in low bias they can deliver those more-felt-than-heard organ pedal notes with my KEF Reference 107/2s just as I experience them at an organ recital. 

Why would you need amps that powerful to run speakers in a small office?
Go cool running class d and not worry about it.

Bel canto ref600m's are very good sounding.I was a longtime user of tubes and class a not anymore.

Offcourse I fully know this subject is highly subjective and system dependent.

Good info db.

sfall, totally agree that JC1's are extreme overkill. They're an approved business expense so why not go big!!! I'll end up buying them from the business for home use once depreciated.

kenny, good call on the bel canto ref600m's. a local shop carries that line. I should check it out.

anyone know about the ps audio bhk 300's? Hot or similar to JC1's? Anyone do a side by side on these amps (JC1's, bhk 300, bel canto ref600)?
If your big on Mono's but you don't really care for the heat and size, but you also would like a lot of power why not check of the Classe Sigma Mono's which are 14 inches deep, 22 lbs each, and put out 350 & 700 Wpc into a 8 and 4 ohm load. They also made their own Class D so they don't borrow from ICE or the N-core designs.  This is just a suggestion.