Do open baffle designs matter?

Was trying to build of pair of open baffle "cabinets", and was wondering if the design for open baffle matters? Or since it's an open baffle, with no back, does it not matter? Logic would tell me as long as the speaker is held up with nothing closing it in, it would not matter. However, that is a complete guess. Obviously different material would cause for different sound possibly. I am more curious with the design of the open baffle. 
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the overall dimensions of the OB matter, as it affects the tuning and frequency at which front to back cancellation occurs.

Otherwise, so long as you avoid rattling and minimize vibrations, no.

Check out the AudioCircle Forum for GR Research. GRR owner Danny Richie specializes in OB speaker design, and has written much on the subject. Also check out the website of Linkwitz Labs. Famed x/o designer Siegfried Linkwitz offered (RIP, but I believe his products are still available) kits for a couple of different, very well regarded OB/Dipole loudspeakers.

Erik is absolutely correct, the distance between the front and back of each driver determines the frequency at which dipole cancellation begins. As far as OB speaker construction, Danny Richie has criticized the Linkwitz speakers for having baffles too resonant; the baffle of the midrange and tweeter drivers is a single layer of unbraced MDF, as is the OB/Dipole sub W-frame. The plans for the W- and H-frames Danny provides for his OB/Dipole Sub (in conjunction with Rythmik Audio) specifies double layers of MDF (or Baltic Birch plywood) for less resonance in the frame.