Do older power cables still hold up to newer ones?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I have a 20+ year history in this audio hobby. Back then in the early 2000’s I was working at my business and had a bit of disposable income and I built up a system, some of which I still own today. Namely my VAC Amp and Preamp and my CEC TL1x. (I have bought new speakers, a new DAC and DDC, a music streamer. I’ve replaced my old Wireworld Gold Eclipse III interconnects and speaker wires already) I have some highly rated power cords of their time from 2002. I have 4 Shunyata Black Mamba cords on the front end equipment and a pair of BMI Whales on the Amp. (My Renaissance 70/70 amp requires two power cords.) Everything except the amp is plugged into the original Shunyata Hydra power conditioner and i have 2 20 amp dedicated lines for everything. Most other things in the system have been updated this past year. So I really ponder if it would be worth it to convert these cords to something new and will it really cost a lot more to improve upon them? These were all very good power conditioning products back then. I am not interested in buying multi thousand dollar cords. I am retired now and I don’t want to spend money on anything I don’t have to and I probably won’t. I just wonder how good they really are anymore??? It’s probably hard to tell because so much time has expired since they were made and sold. I could test something out from the Cable Co loan program I guess, but to me it seems that will end being very costly to improve upon these cables. I do have a Wire World Electra 8 cord coming to play with that I got off US Audiomart just to see if it makes any difference anywhere. I just got my pre amp updated waiting for it’s return and i plan to take my amp to FL to drop off to VAC for a upgrade/refurbish. I also plan to re-tube it and that can cost $1600-$3500 depending on which tubes I get. So my pathway to resurrecting the system doesn’t include power cords at this time. (I took a hiatus from the system for 10 years busy chasing other hobbies, but that phase of my life is over as my age has caught up to me..LOL)


@fthompson251 -

 This amp is not going anywhere-(except for the update at VAC in FL)


     Good decision and any upgrades to the power supply (if in their options) will make power cable changes more noticeable (good or bad).   

I would concur about a plug change on your current cords. I think the biggest difference  is in the plugs. These will likely  shock you if you change them on your dedicated  lines. And should not blow your budget to bad. Buy one try it before  you buy both if you don't like the receptacle  not as much gone and you can resell it and your total cost of the tryout will not be to much that way.

If you want to experience the improvement power cables can bring to your system, insert Shunyata Research NR (noise reducing) cables and find out. You will learn how much the noise level of your system can drop with power cables that reduce noise going to and coming from your components. Yep, you are hearing the conductor breathing…


Since the amps are going to VAC for a lot of upgrades (rebuild, tubes) I would suggest that you bring (or send) the amp PCs and ask them to run the inevitable tests they must run as a manufacturer with your PCs.  They do testing all the time and should be able to accommodate you.  Go with what they say...I'll make a gentleman's bet that they say keep the cords you have.  And be sure to ask what PCs they recommend.

Considering that the amp will be essentially new I wouldn't make any other move until your totally familiar with the sound and they are well broken in.

Just my two cents.  



@fthompson251  that's my suggestion, to update your amp before buying new cables. The VAC is a wonderful amp.