Do old Acoustats compete with new 'stats or dynamics

I listened to a pair of Acoustat X's driven by their Servo Tube Amp, Audio Research SP-3A-1 preamp, Micro Seiki table with totl Signet cart and it was a captivating presentation that started me on the road of High End Audio. Will the newer Acoustat models through the Spectra series still compete or hold their own against newer speaker designs? I am talking about soundstaging, imaging precision, frequency balance and overall impact. 
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Hi Pix4work

I have custom build Acoustat Model 3's with granite bases. See my virtual system. Their only drawback is when you stand up as they are not tall.

The simpler build Model 3's outperformed my more complex Acoustat Spectra 33's. As good as the Model 3 sound, my Quad 57's make the Acoustat sound..... artificial. Everything sounds like - at the microphone - with the 57's. They are Wayne Piquet rebuilds.

I have just posted on my virtual system about my DM70c - B&W Electrostatics revival. They are special. An integrated woofer cabinet that blends well with the ESL Panel.  
Go for the Acoustat  - if they are in good condition.


Mijostyn -Right now I have 2+2s and an ornate subwoofer system crossed over at 125 Hz.

That is a very high crossover point ?
I only need to cross the subs I use with the Quad 57's at 60 hz.

@ct0517 interesting you cross the Quads over at 60 Hz. I cross mine over at 100 Hz to avoid the intentional bump a 90 Hz that Walker designed into the speaker.

Hi Clio we have discussed this ..2 years ago ? But I don’t mind rehashing.
Walker’s design assumed his speaker (singular) ONE would be set up like this in small British rooms.

He never thought they would be set up like this.

They become very linear and room filling. Get those dipoles away from the room boundaries for best bass. The Room is the boss. "All" Gear are just Slaves to it.

All Soundlabs I have heard (2) and in pictures were in rooms much to small for them (JMO), so I cannot comment on their potential.