Do not know if I should upgrade Speakers HELP

I am new to choosing. I play rock n roll. Mainly Beatles Stones Pink Floyd + others. I have 2 pairs of JBL N28 the discontinued model 1. But they are great for $150 each pair and also 150 watts peak ort total power .I am not upgrading becasue of discontinuation . I am satisfied with them. since I do not crank them up every day. I feel scared like they are going to break when cranked at it sounds snarling when put on High I have 100 watts per channel 5.1 cahnnel receiver . I am not going to replace surround but the JBls for the fronts I feel the need for sonething I can crank up about 200watts no problem. I am really thinking of the Wharfedale Sapphire 89's. That are 350 = shipping for a pair. WIll these show a drastic change in the clearity and loudness of the sound for my JBLS bookshelves and most of all woth it. Not a rich man. Or will I probaly just be a mildily diffrence or the same. ALso I have am thinking of Infinity IL 30 or WHarfModos. But leaning towards towards Sapphire 89. If it matters I have a pioneer sho53ck 125 somethin watts center channel. 15 by 15 room
thank you Justin
How will you get that 200 watts if you only have 100 watts of power to work with now? Sounds like you are playing it to loud already, (snarling) get more power first or don't turn it up so loud. If you must have loud with only 100 watts then get some horns as they will go loud on less power.
I have 5 channels each channel 100 watts. So that adds up to 200 watts total. But I hear you want more wants need reciver puts out ti will sound clearer. need lot more help
anyone whos familiar with Wharfedale Sapphire 89's