Do Nordost match with B&W

Hi guys!
Has anyone had any experience with the nordost heimdall and B&W805s? I have B&W 805s,marantz PM14 and FURUTECH interconnect. Now i want to buy NORDOST HEIMDALL to replace the furutech, please give me some advise. I'm from Vietnam.
I'm sure it could be a grat combination, but it depends on wich sound you want out of your B&W 805S.
Can you describe your sonic terms? Maybe it's not even Nordost you have to look for.
i want it sound warm clarity soundstage, detail, image, emotional. some of my friends said Nordost can give a good soundstage, clarity, details... but it also give you light bass. iS it true??? i never have a chance to use it before and the dealer in Vietnam won't let you borrow it.
Your friends describtion of the Nordost sound, is how I also would describe it. But if you want warm sound, you shall not look for Nordost. I would try with Transparent cables, I prefer these myself. Can you borrow Transparent cables from your dealer?
In addition to auditioning the Transparent cables, you might want to try some cables from MIT.
The dealer here have almost everything like Transparent, Taralab, MIT.... but i cant borrow. That's my problem
Your friend's description on Nordost sound coincides with my thoughts. I have not tried Heimdall but I have owned the higher-end Nordost Frey XLR interconnect. If you want more dynamics and better bass, consider the XLO Signature 2. The bass on the XLO kills the Nordost. If you want slightly warmer sound but still have good dynamics and bass you can also try Acoustic Zen Silver Reference 2. Haven't heard the Transparent before so can't comment. Good luck in choosing your cable.
Can you compare the cables in the hifi store? I you can't borrow the cables, then I think that would be the best idea.
Good luck in your cable search. Cables can be a pretty big jungle.
It's really a big jungle. So many out there. It makes me confuse .Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think i will try Transparent but which one is good??? i don't know much about Transparent product line.
Transparent just came with their new MM2 upgrade of all their cables. I readed in TAS that it's a big sonic upgrade, so if you buy a Transparent cable, bee sure it's the newest line.
All Transparent cables have the same sonic character, so try the one you can afford. It just get better, when you go up their product line.
Good luck! I am sure you will like them.
Here in Denmark the Transparent MusicWave Super (speakercable) and MusicLink Super (interconnect), are in the same price range as the Nordost Heimdall.
You can read about them on Transparents website:

Purist 20th Anniversary Aqueous speaker cables were the best match with my B&W N803. Smooth, clear, transparent and great bass. I owned Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun, Audience AU24 and tried Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator. The Purist was the best sounding.
Thanks Audio angel. I'm going to the dealer tomorrow. I went to HI END SHOW this afternoon and so impressed with Totem forest speaker with tube amp. Are you using Transparent 4 your system?
Yes I'm using Transparent MusicLink MM inerconnects, and then I'm going to buy the Transparent MusicWave MM2 speakercable. And I look forward to it, beacuse I'm tired of my stupid Audioquest Midnight, it sounds so boring.
Let me know your thoughts about the Transparent cables.
I never heard nordost with B&W and I will tell you that I have kept my Krell/B&W system stable with no changes for a few years now because I was so happy with my PAD Proteus Rev B cables. I have even heard from fellow audiophiles that PAD is a great match.
I went to the dealer to test the cables last thursday. And i think Purist and Transparent will be my choice. They give warmer sound than the NOrdost with good soundstage detail and emotional. Nordost Heimdall not bad, a amazing soundstage clarity and very detail but the sound too bright, not warm. I also tried Nordost Heimdall interconnect and Purist speaker cable. it's a very interesting combination with soundstage , detail, clarity good bass and emotional but the sound still warm and i might go for it.One thing i don't like about Purist is the size of the cables it's too big.
Which Purist did you listen to? The Aqueous cables are large in diameter but are very flexible.
I listened to Venustas and Musaeus. The sound of Venustas is better. The Aqueos is out of stock