do NAIM cdp sound good only with Naim components?

do u think that naim cd player sound excellent (ie cdx2) only if connected with their special interconnect to naim amplifiers?
No, I know that some, and maybe all of them now come with RCA outputs as well as DIN connectors. Even those that only have DIN connectors can be used with DIN-RCA adapters. They are very nice players that sound good with a wide variety of components.
My CDSii sounds great in a tube system. I have heard the 5 series sounds best with Naim gear but the reference series like CDX, CDS, etc, is more flexible. I have no experience with the 5 series.
No, they work great with any other brand. However, they are at their best in a Naim system.
what musizikat said. Synergy together but still musical with other systems.
I run Naim CD 5x with Nait 5i. But it also sounded excellent with Arcam, Simaudio, and ASL SET tubes.
I believe the Naim CDP's are the sweet-spot in the Naim product line. I have a CD5X with HICAP2 and it usually outperforms other CDP's at audio meets. It has bested the Talk Thunder 3.1b, Cary 306, and the Opera Droplet 5.0. It lost to Meitner, dcs stack and Dodson (with transport).

Naim claims that the best performance is obtained by run DIN to DIN in an all-Naim system. That may be true, but it also happens to be a good marketing ploy. However, Naim players are very good in non-Naim systems as well. I use a CDS3/555PS combination into all-tube system. This player sounds great to me.
Thanks for your feeback guys. I've heard many times that Naim cdps work at their best with special naim interconnect,otherwise they loose something of their true potential.
I didn't, but must mention these comparisons were done without Naim preamps/amps.

I've heard many times that Naim cdps work at their best with special naim interconnect,otherwise they loose something of their true potential.

That might be true if using a Naim preamp but impossible to verify using another brand. You can't do a comparison. The only preamps that accept a Naim DIN connector are Naim preamps. How can you verify that a Naim interconnect is the best if you can't use one?
Newer Naim CD players and preamps have both DIN and RCA. You can do a direct A/B comparison of cables this way, albeit only with a Naim preamp.
One cant connect normal plugs to Naim amps??
anyone has done it that way?
I have the Nait 5i connected to Naim CDP 5x, but I am not using the Naim stock DIN. It works well enough, but I took some advice from a Naim enthusiast and dealer, and ended up with LFD interconnects, standard RCA style, with a silver solid core. I greatly prefer them to the stock DIN. A bit of heresy perhaps, but works for me; substantially greater air and transparency, no appreciable loss of Naim virtues.

I have been exceptionally happy with my CDX2/XPSII together with a pair of Nuforce Ref SE amps and an Edge pre....

And I mean really happy!

i have a naim cd5x cdp. naim separates are out of my budget. can anyone rec an amp preamp combo or an integrated that preforms well with the naim cdp. need some power speakers are 4 ohm 86 db room size though is small
13x15. would like to try tubes if anyone has ideas tks.
Try a Nait 5i. They sell second hand for about $1000, and there is one "sale pending" up there now. I bet it will work well in your small room. I have one driving N-Sat, which is 87 db and 6 ohm. It plays plenty loud and sounds great. I would not recommend a tube amp with your speakers, hard as they are to drive, but a Joule Electra would probably do better than anything else.
have considered the nait along with naim x-112 pre and 150-x amp. as for tubes was wondering if the the jolida 502-b
60 watt int would work with my speakers in a small room.
can any one comment pls.
The Nait 5i is a tremendous value, and a fine synergy with the Naim CDP. I've auditioned several good integrateds and a few separates at twice the price and more, and so far nothing has justified unloading the Nait. If you can get 112x and 150x within your budget, it will add some versatility in terms of upgrade path and linking other components. I haven't made the direct comparison myself, but the many owners who've expressed views on the Naim forum are divided on whether the entry level Naim separates sound as good or better than the Nait 5i.
Happy hunting,