Do McIntosh amps work best with McIntosh pres?

There are tons of raves out there about the MAC amps and I am wondering if those results are primarily with MAC pres or is it with a variety of preamps?
it has been my experience that they are at their best when used together.
I believe the Mac amps will work well with any wello designed pre amp. My 2102's certainly work well with my cj pre amp.

I use an MC275 with a Modwright SWL9.0SE Sig. preamp. This is a great combination. In fact, I prefer the Modwright to the Mac C220 I had previously.
I'm using an M353 with a Supratek Cabernet, driving B&W N802's and I am in aural heaven.
I think Mc amps sensitivity can lower than some other amps. For example my mc402 can take 4v balanced input. Some DACs and preamps will have an output in the 2~3v range. I assume the Mc preamps have a 4 watt output. I'd be interested to hear more on this as I have a dac (Transporter) with max balanced output of 3 w and it's run straight into the 402.
I used my Mac amp with a Supratek Chardonnay (wonderful pre). I still own the Chrdonnay but have reason to believe the Mac pre's have a certain synergy with their amps. This sort of completes the whole Mac sound. Yet to hear a Mac CDP in the same system.

If possible, listen before buying. Good luck!
They sound great with a lot of GOOD preamps. 7270 to a C-1 Carver to a tube Cary SLP98P.
Thanks for the replies,they are very helpful.