Do MBL amps sound similar to Krell?

I like the synergy of my B&W 802D speakers w/ my Krell 400cx. Now I want to get mono-blocks. I am very interested in the MBL amps. The model is 9008. Do they sound the similar? I had Mcintosh 1201 and Levison 436 already but did not care for their sounds w/ my speakers.
I don't know but would be interested in your findings.
I want to add that the model is 9007, not 9008.
Never heard the MBL's, but if reputation means anything, they're very different. Excellent, but different.
In my opinion, they are anything but similar. I comparing older Krell classic sound(FPB-300,600- Not sure how the newer stuff sounds like) with current MBL. MBL 9007 and 9008 are a lot on warmer side of neutral and has hefty low and mid bass imparting solid lower mids with lifelike body. It is not like there is restricted high; there is indeed sufficient high freq extension but overall balance IMO is weighted on warmer side.