do martin logans improve with good power cables?

with all these nice power cables now on the market, has anybody hooked up any of them up to power some martin logans? any positive/negative experiences?
Definitely improved my Quad 988's!
I have a pair of Martin Logan CLSIIA's, (and have owned many of the ML models) and have tried several different power cables on all these speakers. All made a difference. Some for the better, some for the worse...kind of like all power cables.

So yes, they will make a difference.

Here is a discussion from the ML Owner's Group:
thanks for the link!? haha!
a bit of confusion over there....?

i will have to try it out for myself, just really wanted to know if they had any detrimental effects on the speakers, before i begin my experimentation.


Yes ML's will change with a Power Cord Change. And like changing PC on components, some PC will sound good, some will sound worse. You just have to find the right PC for your setup that you like.

IMO with testing, the change will not be as dramatic as a component change.
That ML forum is rife with guys who buy-in to the power cable voodoo. Frankly, providing the cable is capable of carrying the current required and offers reasonable RFI shielding, why would anyone spend big coin on a pwoer cable?

If the stock power cable was not up to the task, don't you think that ML would spend the extra dollar or two and provide a cable that improves the performance of their speakers? Think about it...
Martin Logan would spend the extra money for a better power cord, but you'll not get it for free.
You'll have to pay for the extra performance.

Think about this.

The speakers sound fine with stock power cords.
They do sound better with better power cords,which don't have to be expensive, and can be bought used or go DIY with better connectors.

Is our goal as music loving audiophiles the cheapest way out?
Is good enough really all we should be happy with?
Do we have to settle for mediocrity, when excellance is just a few steps away?
Is limiting a speakers potential to save a few bucks really getting the full value out of the money we spent on the speakers?
Think about it.

I had two pair of CLS stats, the sequel and Quads, and better power cords improved the sound of all of them.

In fact, when I had my 63's back in 1987 I made my first ,cheap, power cords for them.The fellow buying my Quads wanted to pay me extra for the DIY power cords because of the improvemnt they were compared to the stock Quad cords.

Anyone who has seen the hair thin power cords Quad supplied for the 63 can attest to the fact that Quad, as do most other companies, supply the cheapest cords that they can.

Do they work?


Just not as well as other power cords will.

And while you're at it,upgrade the fuses.
I would contact The Cable Company and ask for recommendations, then borrow some of the recommended PCs from their lending library and listen to them. Only way to truly answer your question at home in your system.