Do LSA Speakers Sound Similar to Von Schweikert?

Looking to timbre match my VR4 Jrs and was wondering if the LSA surrounds and center would fit the bill.
I know that Larry compared the LSA speakers to Von Schweikerts when he was voicing them. He sent me a pair of the LSA1 to hear in my home. I owned VR4 Gen III HSE speakers at the time. The LSA1 had a warmer tonality, and I believe this was Larry's goal.

Having said that, my guess is they would blend pretty well...certainly the surrounds. You might want to stick with Von Schweikert for the center though, to guarantee consistent tonality across your front speakers.

Thanks. I did place an order for the surrounds and canter. I am pretty confident I will be satisfied with the surrounds but I am a little nervous about the center.

I got the LCR Standard. I am currently using a VSA VSX-M on wall and I don't care for it as a center much.

I suppose it's worth a try anyway.
I received my Lsa Center and surrounds and they blend really well with the Von Schweikerts.
Thanks :)
Larry is a good man who spent many, many hours perfecting his speakers.

Enjoy them with the Von Schweikerts.
I own 2 pair of LSA2`s.....wonderful speakers they are. Larry Staples can make a `boombox` sound good. He knows his stuff and the LSA`s are a `statement` to his designs. Yes, they will match with the VS-VR4`s very well. They are warm and musical sounding.

happy listening