Do larger planar speakers produce more accurate sound?

Planar speakers generate sound pressure via vibrating membrane panels. The excursion of the membrane x radiating area= sound pressure. This would mean that for a given sound level, membranes have smaller excursion in larger planar speakers than in smaller ones. Does this mean that larger speakers will produce more accurate sound?

I am not talking about the obvious benefits of the larger speakers in terms of low frequency production, so let's not get into that.


I can speak from experience, having a pair of KLH Nines in use since 1992. I used a variety of amps with them, including Bedini 25/25's and Futterman OTL's. With the power amp section of the Carver Receiver (125wpc) they had floor-shaking bass power!

I sure like Quads, I went from Quads to small planars 25 years ago. I was a big fan of Infinity's IRS Beta. I had them for 20 years or so. A guy that logs on AG fixed them for me. He is a VMPS guy, so I tried them. WOW for the money. Small planars and ribbons are the best for speed. Some are push only drivers, some are push pull. They show every flaw in my humble setup. WCF bass drivers. 19hz to 26khz so the specs say. They sure make my wife yell, MORE..

I can only answer your question based upon my ears and brain. I currently own Apogee Divas and Apogee Duetta Signiture ll’s. The Divas are substantially larger and go down to 25 hz compared to the Duetta’s 35 hz. The Divas sound more at ease and more lifelike at any volume. They also draw more current and have a lower ohm rating. They have greater impact on bass and drums. They make female voice and acoustic guitar and electric bass sound more real than any speaker I have heard, including everything at the Stereophile exhibition at San Francisco in 2006, including Wilson’s WAMM! Given the price of the WAMMs, I left the show not feeling the least bit that I was missing out on much. With that said, if given a choice, price not a consideration, I’d take the WAMMs for their overall impact. I haven’t had the benefit of hearing much newer stuff since.

I have Quad 2905's which create a circular pattern where as the Quad 57's have a linear pattern. If you were to take the panels apart from both speakers, you'd see a remarkable difference. Anyway, the 57's have the best sounding mid range but the 2905's are full range so it's good to have a pair of both.