Do It Yourself Hallographs

I'm impressed by the effects of the Shakti Hallograph Sound Field Optimizers. But there's no way I can afford to purchase a pair on my budget.

I would like to attempt to build a pair. Does anybody know the 2 wood types that are used in the reflector/diffuser array?
There is nothing special about the wood. Use whatever wood suits your fancy. Check the woodworking websites to find a color that suits your decor.
I'm not weighing in on how much the wood choices actually matter, but the inventors of the Hallographs DO state that the choice of wood matters and have not divulged the species of wood used. Reviewers say that the stands and backing brackets are birch and that the darker hardwood is ebony. Never read anyone hazard a guess as to the other hardwood. If they do use ebony, they must really believe wood choice matters because it is not easy to reliably source good quality, solid material free from cracks (at least from what our local hardwood supplier has told me in the past.)
It's infuriating when manufacturers don't provide sufficient information on their websites to facilitate folks knocking off their products without having to guess. Shakti Hallographs with their mystery woods are a perfect example of this lack of consideration.
IMO, Not disclosing the type of wood is probably just a way to protect a patent or copyrite.

If the type of wood REALLY is that important I feel sorry for those who fall prey to this type of marketing voo-doo. Should we all buy the same carpet, wood flooring and furniture to adorn our listening room so that we all have the same environment??? I think not!

I challenge anyone to listen in a blind set-up and tell me the difference.

All you are really doing is breaking up the sound wave that travels towards the first reflection point. (getting first ref point under control or eliminated is widely known to improve sound quality on several different levels I won't get into).

Build your own design with an eye towards what works in your budget.

I have no doubt that you will be just as happy with the results, if you "Think" it makes a difference.

Happy Building!
West Penn hardwoods in NY sells ebony. Certain woods may work better. Call a Shakti dealer and tell them you're interested in a pair but want to know what wood choices they have available. Think it's cheating? The price they charge is a total ripoff. Make your own.
Don't forget to post your results and provide pictures of your project. (Maple, Ebony, Rosewood, Myrtle and Cherry all seem to be excellent choices for musical endeavors).
U might do just as well with attractive plants. I believe placing them both L/R will give u the same effect and allot cheaper.
Geoff, I fully agree.
Even Miguel divulges up front his Tripoint products are made of African Bubinga. Simple:)
I've told many a customer to go to a Lowe's or Home Depot and buy that rose trellis / lattice (that lloks like fingers) and then build yourself a supporting base. Place those in the corners of the room and viola....Shatki Hallographs. Yes all you are doing is breaking up the sound waves and yes either product does work.

(Dealer disclaimer that sells these but also gives customers the do-it-yourself option)
Oops, I totally spaced and forgot to put a smiley face at the end of my last post. How many thought I was serious? Show of hands.
I'm thinking tall candelabra.
It's a diffuser. It's a resonator. It's two mints in one! What was the name of the guy that demonstrated his Many Woods resonator thingamabob at CES? I won't even mention Mpingo discs. Has no one ever placed an ebony rod up against the wall?
I got mine for $500.00 a great deal as I'm not a carpenter.
One can't wondering if the Shakti Hallographs have crystals inside like the Mpingo discs....