Do I want more bass?

At the moment I am very happy with my system, but being an audio addict with no shame, I WANT MORE! I am running B&W 805N with Ensemble cables, a Cary SLI80 Int. Amp and SFCD-1 source. The room is 20'x20' with a cathedral ceiling and beams and window bump-outs. I have noticed that several of you have 805N with subs. What subs go best with these speakers??? I have 802Ns in my livingroom system, the room being much larger, and I guess I want to hear that kind of base in my office system too.All info is welcome. Anyone commenting on my sanity will just be added to my postal list ( that's for you Thunders :-( )
Looks reasonable to me, I say git you a pair of 18'' velodynes. First though, I would put ducttape on the windows in the room.
I have had velodyne and REL subs. They both sound great. However, I found the signal coming from the pwer amp w/the REL compared to the signal from pre to the velodyne, and the controls on the REL allowed for much better blending w/the stereo speakers. REL sounded great, very functional, and price in line w/the other big names.

My REL sub is now in my friend's living room, paired up w/B&W Nautilus book shelf speaks (can't remember the 80? model number.) powered by Krell integrated 150 w/ch...great sounding little system!
check out vmps - ewe can get a pair of their larger subs brand-gnu, coupled w/a decent used hi-power solid-state amp & a gnu marchand xm-9 active x-over, for less than *one* top-model velodyne or rel. vmps makes killer subs period - at their retail prices, they're a steal. these subs do real, clean, undistorted bass.

no relation to vmps, yust a happy customer... doug s.

If you really want deep/clean focused bass go listen to a
well set-up pair of Dunlavy SC-Vs or VIs. It just might change your life!
If I had to lift/drag/transport a big pair of Dunlavys into my listening room I guarantee that it would change my life -- especially in those *lower registers*!