Do I really need to upgrade to Rockport Atria ?

I have a pair of Mira 2 in my audio and home theater. I would consider myself as an over 50 crowd. At what point does a person wave the white flag and call it a day for upgrading. Seriously, I'm listening to less and less audio these days and the Miras have now been found support a home theater environment for the family. I would think the Mira are great in this capacity. But if I ever find the occassion to get back into Audio... The Atria would be there. I think better to call it a day? Or?
No, you don't. I mean, if you did, what sonic purpose would they fulfill? The Miras are stunning enough as it is. If anything, if you went back in to pure two-channel audio, you might experiment in that price range with horns and SET amps.
That might be the most pathetic post ever. Seriously...unintentional perhaps...but still, amazing. I suggest, based on the evidence here, it a day. Go quietly (!) into the night.
Yes, we all must upgrade is living... otherwise we're stagnate terrestrials waiting for the grave.

S.E.T + Horns = more fun!! downgrade, to a speaker that will involve you more in the music.
Maybe what you really need to do is downgrade to a speaker that will involve you more in the music.
Well, since you're not listening to audio much anymore I'd highly recommend you sell me your Mira 2s at a steeply discounted price, buy semi-decent L/R/C speakers and surrounds from the likes of GoldenEar, PSB, Paradigm, etc., to complete the home theater for the famn damily and pocket the difference for your early retirement. Deal?