Do I really need separates?

Currently the main system is a Anthem Integrated 2 fed by a Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 through XLO ref. Speakers are Near 50meII. Cables MIT MH-750 bi-wires. Would I really hear a difference if I replaced the integrated with tube separates from BAT or Sonic Frontiers. Also, will a 50 watt tube amp push as much current as a solid state amp. My wife has suddenly got the audiophile bug worse than me. She really wants tubes (I guess I do to) but we also want to hear an improvement over the current rig. The cd-player we both love as well as the speakers. I guess we are a little confused. What happened to the good old days when I didn't even have the money to consider all this. Or max price point for making the switch is about 5k. please can someone help?
If I were in your position, I would look for a tubed integrated... it eliminates one component, one interconnect and one power cord... and the possibility and added noise. There are some integrated tube setups that are outstanding, especially for 5,000.00 When you are all done, i'd like to help you demo some Speaker wire. Oliver 973-812-6707
How much bass and volume do you want from your system?$5000.00 is not enough for tube separates new.Before you embark on this tube quest try to audition Jeff Rowland Concentra 100watt/ch. integrated($5600.00).You may not want to go further.Just make note that Rowlands require at least 200 hours of break-in time.Aronov Audio tube separates(about $6000.00 new) would be the best overall in this price range.Your current amplifier is grossly inferior to both of these choices.
Can I swap my tube separates for your wife? No offence intended but I am jealous. You would certainly get an improvement over the Anthem with BAT or Sonic Frontier separates, but these days (assuming you do not use vinyl) a US$5,000 tube integrated, as DelveAudio suggests, is probably the best use of your money. But when you do, you should really try the Plinius 8150 (this is me being patriotic) - it does not have tubes, but has a tube-like warmth in the midrange that you may well like. Coupled with plenty of power and remote control it just might appeal. As to separates :- The Line 1 sounds nice with Amperex tubes in it (the stock Sovteks sound thin and zippy to me), would look nice together with your SFCD1, and can be gotten fairly readily for around US$1,300 second hand. But I was never too keen on SF power amps and would suggest looking at VTL or VAC.