Do I NEVER shut it off…?

Gryphon says in the instruction manual to leave the amp on. (Diablo 300) 

It sounds amazing and never shuts down, but gets almost too hot to touch on certain parts of the side heat syncs. 
Really…? Leave it on all the time…?

What do you guys think…?

Thank you…!
Amps can be “on” continuously, if you choose to do so.

My amps, preamps, source, are unplugged until I’m ready for a jam night, then I plug them in, remove the covers, power up 24 hrs before I sit down with a dram for a nice relaxing music evening.
With our power we have here, I keep unplugged. Have had my Furman on many occasions shut itself down due to over current.
Better safe than sorry. Love my Furman!

It’s up to you, if the amps are plugged into a good strip, go ahead and leave on,...or turn off during the week, and power up for the weekends........

congrats on the new amp!!, heard nice things about it.
We expect a report and review in a few weeks.....

   Have heard leaving on is better for the inrush limiter, for the caps, and everything, as it’s stabilized when on all the times.  On and off repeatedly have heard is bad for the internal parts, going from charged to uncharged caps every time the amp is turned on.  
  Then again, also heard it’s bad to leave on, .........

   it is up to you.  Many people leave their components on 365 days a year With no issues for many years.
with my luck, I baby my components, off and covered until ready for use.

   Did leave my old Carvin dcm amps on all the time, they lasted over a year , until one fan went out , then one amp just smoked one evening, while listening, smelled this capacitor burn smell,....sure nuff, other amp just puffed a small cloud, and shut down.   Those were fun amps, had 2500W mono pair carvin amps.

   Sorry, rambled again.........
Moon By Simaudio is Class A/B and the manual for my 600v2 states to leave it powered up and only to shut it down if you will be away for a prolonged period of time.
I am going to say the the 600v2 may be going back as this Qualiton X200 is a much better sounding unit and $3000.00 lighter.

The Hungarian is staying and I think we became an all tube house. Audio Hungary, Raven, Quicksilver.
I leave the main power switch on but put my Diablo 300 into standby as recommended by Gryphon (either by remote or front touchpad) when I’m done for the night. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to be fully back but usable during that time. The power draw in standby has been measured at 0.5 watts compared to 152 watts at idle by Stereo Magazine.
posts06-12-2021 4:49pm’I leave the main power switch on but put my Diablo 300 into standby as recommended by Gryphon (either by remote or front touchpad) when I’m done for the nigh’

That makes perfect sense. @jomohifi were you aware that your Diablo has a standby mode?
this is my response in these power on threads.  
i have a couple amplifiers that are over 30 years old.  i always power down when not in use.  they still sound great today, even after a short warmup.  
i do this with my newer amps and preamps too.  
would my 30 year old amps sound this good today if they had been powered on continuously for the past 30 years? 
dont know, dont need to.