Do I need to upgrade my receiver?

Hey guys, new to the site. Just recently bought a new audio system and am also new to the audio world. Just wanted to see what you guys think about this system and if I need a better receiver.

Fronts- Polk Audio RTI-A7

Center- Polk Audio CSI-A6

Rears- Polk Audio FXI-A6

Sub- Using 2. Both are the Polk audio DSW-Pro 660

Also, I am running everything though a Monster 1850 power center that has 2 high current filters.

Receiver- Yamaha RXA-800
Well....what source components are you using (CDP, etc)? How is the system sounding to you? What do you like, or not like about it?
I changed electronics quite a bit before I changed speakers and noticed a larger difference with upgrading speakers. If you are unhappy with your system I would recommend upgrading speakers first. If you are happy with your sound, don't change a thing.
Hi Prm

Welcome to the audio world! Sounds like you've done a great job assembling your (first?) system! You have all your speakers matched and with 2 subs you should be getting some nice, even bass in your room. Yamaha receivers are generally quality choices and sound great. I believe that the Yamaha is a fairly new receiver with HDMI. From what I see I think you have a well-matched system to start with.

My suggestion is that you focus on the proper placement of your speakers in the room and then going through any room correction or calibration in the receiver. Above all, have fun and enjoy the music and movies.
Prm0440- I recommend you print out Internetmin's post and keep it handy. Any time you think you should change your system or feel restless with it, pay attention to the basics-the room. Search the posts for different ways to position your speakers. Remember that more than 50% of what you hear is the room-speaker interface (and maybe 90%!) It's good advice for all of us.