Do I need to upgrade from my PS Audio dectec?

I am wondering if the time has come to consider upgrading from my PS Audio dectec power conditioner? If so, what would I consider, and what would I have to spend?  present equipment: Bat 51se pre and Bat 75se amp. Luxman dac and Baetis streamer with Von schweikert vr4 jr speakers. all Transparent super cables.



I have owned quite a few PC from a variety of companies, including a Dectet and other PSA PCs, which I found way overpriced. The best (and reasonably priced) IMHO is CorePower, available from Underwood HiFi

Now, if you live in a house start with dedicated line for your audio

If you have to ask, that means yes.

You haven't mentioned a "problem" so just for audiophoolery sakes you have the itch, and now you'll get some responses to justify draining your wallet.

As suggested, get a dedicated line if you don't have one already and call it a day.

Have you noticed a lower noise-floor with the Dectec when it's in the system? If yes, then maybe it's time to move up to a higher-end conditioner. 

+1 for Core Power Equi=Core from Underwood. Very effective in my system for lowering noise and revealing detail in music. And a dedicated AC line from service panel to audio system should seriously be considered.

For real power "coinditioning" step of to a PP10.  and a dedicated like doesn't allefiate the need for power "conditioning". 

and a dedicated like doesn't allefiate [sic] the need for power "conditioning". 

Agreed. But removing the audio system from shared AC lines helps remove noise from appliances such as refrigerator, washer/dryer, air conditioner, possible ground-loops.