Do I need seperate circuts for Audio and TV

I am installing electical in a new room, so far two dedicated 20 amp circuts for my amps, one 20 amp for the rest of the equipment, including the big screen. I am wondering, if by adding the TV and Cable box into the DVD/ Processor/Turntable circuit, if I am asking for trouble? On the other side is that I have alway been told a common ground eliminates the ground loop ( not sure if I will have one).

Other plugs and dimmers on other circuits.
Sub may go into a regular plug, another problem?

Need help asap before sheetrock arrives. My electrician thinks I am nuts but I only get one chance at this.

Since you've gone this far, YES you should have them on a seperate circuit.
Subs tend to pick up hum, more than cause it. Line conditioners do wonders also. Don't rely on a whole house surge to protect your gear if you have installed one.
Can the Woofer go on the same circuit as the DVD, and can the TV go into the same circuit as normal plugs. Or do I need a circuit for all each?
Since you;re at it, try to keep yr digital stuff separate from the analogue stuff, if you can. The analogue will invariably pick up noise and rejecting that noise is a pain.
I did what you’re about to do several months ago, and my electrician also thought I was nuts. But, I would try to do at least 3 circuits, one for your amps, one for digital, and one for your TV and Cable box through a line conditioner. I also have my processor and DVD player through the line conditioner on the same circuit as the TV and Cable Box. In addition, it made a difference at least with my system to plug the sub into a dedicated circuit as well. An upgraded PC on the sub was also a big improvement.
Try and have all the dedicate lines on the same electircal leg, that helps to eliminate ground plane humm.

Unless you use a lot of juice, you will have two phase legs coming into your house, depending upon the breaker set up, they will either be one leg on one side, and one leg on the other or, every other breaker will have a different electrical leg. Try and keep them the same.

This is counter intuitive as you want leg/ or more specific, amp balance. But not in audio/video.

I have read to keep the analog seperate, now the stupid question. Is an AV processor considered analog these days?

If not, does my turntable need a circuit even though it will connect to the preamp processor.

So far: I will have Amps on dedicated 20 amps each, They are Aragon so they pull alot of power, or will one circuit for both work fine? DVD, Processor, on another line. TV Cable on its own, and sub on its own.

Let me know about the turntable.

Thanks, I have had hum in the past and it is no fun, so I want to do it right.
I ran new 20A circuits for each mono amp, 1 for audio equipment, and run TV/cable on an existing 15 amp circuit. This is working fine but I retrofit the 3 dedicated lines and couldn't easily add more. The project was a total pain in the butt. You have a great opportunity to get it right the first time, put 5 lines in.
Also, add conduit in case you want to add a circuit or run anything else, (speaker cable, toslink, coax, comupter stuff, etc.)