Do I need separate Hydra's for amp vs. source

Construction has started on our reno, including a dedicated audio room.

The 2 channel system will likely be a minimalist system e.g. just a digital source (most likely emm labs CDSD/DCC2) running directly into a hybrid amp (possibly Tenor 150Hps vs. Lamm M1.2's). The inital electrical plans specified having up to 6 dedicated lines with 10 gauge wiring/20A with separate grounds.

Yet, if I go with a PC such as the Shunyata Hydra's I am wondering whether I could plug all the components (e.g. transport, DAC/preamp, and amp) all into one Hydra (e.g. Hydra 8 or Hydra 6) or would that potentially stress the unit and degrade performance. That is, would it be preferred to plug the amp(s) into a separate Hydra ? and if I go with the monoblocks should each amp be in it's own Hydra or could you run the 2 from one Hydra 2 ? Perhaps, this is a stupid question and I cannot find consistency in reviewing the archives. Finally, if I can plug everything in a single Hydra, perhaps I don't need all of those dedicated circuits and we could simplify the electrical set-up ?

It is always best to start from a base electrical perspective before considering external conditioning add-ons. You would be best served by separating your high-current electronics from low-current electronics and/or digital sources. It is not necessary for mono's to each have their own dedicated line, but it may be 'an ideal' from an electrical perspective.

More importantly, if you have the opportunity, separate the amps from your digital and analog sources. No power conditioner can make up for having independent lines separating high-current electronics. Summing a systems worth of current on one line is never preferable if you have multi-line options--no matter what might come after. Power conditioning alternatives should only be considered *after* you have established your system and electrical "base-line". Hydras are rated at 20 amps (4,6,8) and 30 amps (model 2), They will not "strain" any more than your panel-breaker no matter the current load--just match the breaker and Hydra current rating.

The best advice is to start with dedicated lines and evaluate options from there-- don't put the cart before the Horse! :)

Shunyata Research
Thank you. That is very "sound" advice.

I run my Lamm's through the Hydra 8
Sounds great. No strain
I use a Hydra 8 for my Digital and a Hydra 2 for my analog.
Both are in seperate dedicated circuits. Bid improvement overall.
Why not go with a machine that has two power cords from the unit and completely isolates the digital and analog {power} circutry. within the machine . The Audio Magic XXX is one such machine. No matter which way you go , even if its just dedictated lines, definetly seperate your digital power sources from your analog and power equipment. I have personally heard in various configurations how digital sources , when on the same circut as analog and/or power circuts collapse the soundstage.