Do I need power conditioning for my new plasma?


My Panasonic 50" plasma is on its way.

Do i want / need any sort of surge protection or power conditioning for this thing? If so, why?

Thank you
No more nor any less than you need for your other components. A good whole-house surge protector is important for any house.

For video displays, you should also consider a local surge protector as well as surge protection on any video input signal lines (from, say cable or satellite).

Grain. With power conditioning you will loose the graininess in the picture.
The picture can look good without a conditioner, but it can look stunning with one.IMO.
I have:
Sony 42" plasma
Monster AVS2000, 7000SS power conditioners
It all depends on how critical your eyes are. Just like listening to music: A lot of people can't hear the differences that a good power conditioner makes(definition, bass tautness, soundstaging, less grain/more extention and transparency), and think those of us that CAN hear the difference are nuts. Get a Richard Grey's Power Company, or Shunyata conditioner(audition, if possible)and see for yourself whether it's worth it. All conditioners offer some surge protection, BTW.
I am skeptical.

I tried a Monster 7000(or whatever the top of the line model number is) on my tv and it made a nice improvement in the picture. Just don't hook it up to your stereo equipment. It will ruin your sound. If you want an excellent conditioner for your plasma and stereo then I would recommend using Shunyata.
No, you don't NEED a conditioner. Does a real good one improve PQ?--You bet. I have owned at least a dozen conditioners over the years. They all helped, even if only slightly--each in their own way.---This refers to audio and video,help. Even my little front projector--(Sim2 300) improved, leaps and bounds. My conditioner of choice? --Adept Response.