Do I need new stands for my new speakers?

Hi, I have Usher BE-718s on the way and currently have ACI Sapphire XL with the Sound Anchors that are made for them. If I decide to keep the Ushers, is it worthwhile to spend several hundred dollars extra to get the BE-718 Sound Anchors? Here are the dimensions (W x D):

ACI: 8.5" x 12.5"
Usher: 10.2" x 16.9"
Stand top plates: 7.5" x 11.5"


That's 1.35" overhang on the sides and 2.7" on the front and back (damn, the "Tiny" Dancers are deep). Would that be enough to affect damping to an appreciable degree?

On another note, can anybody offer their experiences comparing both these speakers? (I've read the 6moons review of the BE-718 that briefly mentions similarities).
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My thoughts are that you'll be just fine with the your stands unless the Ushers are significantly taller or shorter than the ACIs. Then the height of the stand may be an issue

They might work even better with your Ushers because there will be less diffraction from the stands. You may end up with better imaging and sound staging. Enjoy your new speakers. YMMV.


Nah, height shouldn't be an issue. The Ushers are only 3" taller and the spikes make the stands adjustable. Thanks for your input!
The base plate only needs to support the speaker. It doesn't need to match the dimensions of the speaker. Then you need to decide to couple or decouple.
FTR, the stands look pretty much like the perfect dimensions to me and perform flawlessly with the Ushers!