Do i NEED component video switching???

HI all. Buying a new processor for my HTS and have a 55" backprojection TV. Was looking at the B&K Ref 20, but realize it doesn't do component video switching... DO i need that in my processor? some suggest just running component outs from my DVD player directly to my TV (as i do now), but am clueless as to the advantage of having component video switching as opposed to running it direct to the TV. Can someone educate me here? what's the advantage of video switching in my processor? Thanks all! -B
li donty have a vid receiver, nor video separates, but iln order to record in stereo from deck to deck, you need to be connected thru the rca jacks, an outbvoard vid component swithcher will probably do
Best switching is believe or not, NO switching. You're doing a right thing. Connecting directly between source and TV gives no signal loss. Unless you've got more than one source that has component video outs then you might need a new Monster Cable video switching (reviewed by H/T magazine this current issue)