Do I need better center ch speaker-dialog unclear?

I currently have a PSB Image Series C9 center channel. I had though this was a decent enough speaker, but have grown increasingly frustrated. For example, today I was watching the new release of Chariots of Fire that has the DD 5.1 track. Maybe it is just the big echo-y ancient rooms they shot the film in, or maybe it wasn't miked well, but I cannot discern much of the dialog. There are many other movies I have had the same problem with.

Not being satisfied with the intelligibility of dialog in movies, I recently upgraded to a seperate 5-channel power amp, using my Sony DA4ES receiver as pre-amp. I do not use any soundfields or such, just straight DD or DTS. This helped the clarity vere minimally.

This not having helped all that much, I next upgraded the speaker cable to one of Paul Speltz' Anti-cables, which have received great reviews. This, again, may have helped just a tad, but I am still having the same problem with dialog.

I am now down to the point of nothing left, that I know of, other than to consider upgrading the center speaker.

So, does anybody have any other tips short of a new speaker?

If not, can anyone reccommend a significantly better center speaker that would integate at least decently with my Legacy Signature III front mains? I can't now afford to go with one of Legacy's centers.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
The way I understand bass management is that either the xover in the pre or at the sub will determine what goes to/played by the sub. Does your sub have xover on/off or a disable/enable...? Set to disable/off and this lets the preamp/recvr do the crossing over. Do you have ability to set diff xover points for each spkr or is it a specific xover freq that applies to all the spkrs? If you can set individual points set to just above the spkrs lower limit and all spkrs to small. Otherwise most suggest setting xover to match the spkr/s with the highest...low end capability which is usually the surrounds. My center and surrounds freq response are rated at 65 and 55hz respectively. My xover oint via prepro is set at 60 which applies to all the speakers even though my mains (biamped nht classic 4's) are more than capable of playing solid/tight down in the 30's or better with the side firing 10 inchers being biamped. Nonetheless, basically everything at about 60hz and below is sent to sub with this setup. Spkrs are all set to small. How loud do you turn it up with everything balanced as you say it is? -15...-10db...? My buddy has a single really big Klipsch Belle that would kick things up a notch :}
Okay my prob is similar and has been so with 2 amps HK avr 110 and avr 320 and two centers Wharfedale modus and nht vt1c . I have lived in different spaces and had various DVD players. I want to get to the bottom of the often times muffled or unclear center channel when hearing voice on dolby 5.1 my wharfedale surround speakers are otherwise killer and my placement wiring levels speaker size selections and placement are fine. My movie for testing purposes is Lord of the Rings. I am beginning to suspect the DVD mastering on certain dvds or the harman kardon processing of the digital? I am using coaxial from the DVD to amp, i can try my optical cable. I know i dont have superior hearing or anything.
I believe i have tried all ive read on this thread. Pretty sure all my equipment should be good "nuff". I Will retry resizing the center.
Muffled center brought up many threads in various forums so it seems common. Putting the center channel level up just makes things louder.
I think I now have the best sound so far from my center, which is the Paradigm cc570v3. I sold off the Swans speaker, as it had an obvious mid range resonance. I am using a Yamaha RX-V1800 as a pre-pro, and powering my front L/R and center with a Sherbourn 5/1500A power amp at 200wpc. Plus, I am using Audio Art ics from the Yamaha to the Sherbourn, and Morrow speaker cable. I think there may be something to burning in cables, because the sound is much clearer after a week or so of playing the system. This is the best center channel clarity I have had so far, although I am still not sure the Yamaha is providing the best decoding possible.

I am still lusting after a higher end center speaker and better processor at some point.