do i need a second amp for my speakers?

I am now currently running a Forte model 3 amp 200 watts a side with a pair of paradigm studio 60's v3, would i benefit at all to spend the money on a second amp to run the tweets? Also how much power would be needed if I do so. Higly doubt I would need another 200 watts. I am currently upgrading all of my system, very slowly I might add, so any advice on upgrades would be fantastic.My current system consits of a forte model 3, belles (ocm 55)pre,and a cambridge 500c cd player. using some decent cables that I have picked up along the way so just looking what to do next.


If you horizontally bi-amp (one amp for woofs, one for tweets) with anything other than an amp with the same gain (not necessarily same output power) you will need an active crossover or other level matching device.
can you explain that a little more? why would i need a crossover with it already built in to the speakers?

What are you trying to accomplish?

The Paradigms are pretty efficient speakers, so you already have plenty of power. Bi-amping can give you a little better separation, but when you start using different amps things can get pretty tricky...

Like I said, what are your goals?
If you want to bi-amp, add a pair of subwoofers. IMHO, It would be a big waist of money to drive the tweets with their own amps.

Or, spend the extra cash on a better two channel amp.

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You need an ACTIVE crossover or other level matching device unless the gain of the two amps is identical. Otherwise either the highs or the lows will be at a higher volume than the other. Some would also argue that you should physically separate the woofers and tweeters and do the crossover before the amps, to gain maximum benefit. Personally, if you want to go this route and can get matched amps, I would vertically bi-amp with each amp driving one channel. then the rights (or left) of one amp would drive the highs (or lows) of one speaker the other channel of the same amp would drive the other.
I would spend the $ on a better CD player or Dac maybe with a tube output. If you think there is room to improve the amp section, buy a better amp. Have you tried mating a Belles Amp with your pre?
very pleased with the amp section so far, I would say the cd player is the weakest link at this point. Not sure if it would be better to get a dac or just a new player in itself? As far as the bottom end of the sound, I am very happy with it, I dont think spending the money alot of money that is on a sub would do much for me. The reasoning for the question was to find what a difference biamping the speakers would be. And to see where I could make some better improvements, Right now it is a little to bright for me and would like to improve on the soundstage.


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I have an opportunity to buy a vintage Kinergenics sw150 passive sub with the seperate amp thats been used probably ten times. Perhaps I will audition it first and see what kind of difference it will make. How hard will this be to match up to the mains as far as frequency roll off? Also not sure if the Kiner amp has inputs for the main amp driving the main speakers. How do I go about choking the woofers on the paradigms?